Would You Fall for That? Lost Dog and 'Inattentional Blindness'

Shown a flyer, would bystanders fail to recognize the dog right in front of them?
5:28 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for Would You Fall for That? Lost Dog and 'Inattentional Blindness'
But don't worry. He's just pretending. He's an actor. Good boy! We convinced him to take the gripping role of lost dog. Okay, so, it turns out we're surrounded by so many distractions in real life, phone calls, text messages, tweets, that we often fail to notice what's happening in real life. YEAH, THAT'S REAL INTERESTING-c ks. Nick. Oh, yeah, sure, I'd love a sandwich. They're not ignoring me, buster. As you discovered in the park, this is something called, inattentional blindness. For our great caper, we set up shop in central park. Has anyone seen my dog? And had sasheer play the supporting role of buster's distraught owner. I'm just looking for my dog. I'm just going to be in the area the whole day, I lost him yesterday. We had her stand a bone's throw away from buster. Oh, you just lost him? Yeah, yesterday, it was in this area. Handing out flyers with his photo front and center. Scott's role was to go undercover and pretend he didn't know buster. A challenging role, but an important one. Hi, I'm just looking for my dog? After sasheer talks to strangers about her lost dog -- will they walk right by him and fail to notice it's the same dog on the flyer? Hi, I'm looking for my dog. I lost it here in this area yesterday. This is my number right here. My number is at the bottom. All these people take the flyer. They seem to see the dog. But -- no one seems to notice. This woman appears to take a good look at him, but then she just keeps on walking. Now, she doesn't appear to see buster, but her dog sure does. We probably should have given the flyer to the bulldog. Now, watch this one. His name is buster. She takes the flyer and sits down right next to buster. She's practically in petting range! What was she handing out over there? Do you see it anywhere? Okay, no one is faulting the baby for not noticing, but the woman? She's looking right at the dog. Maybe these three tourists will prove that six eyes are better than two? Here they come -- and there they do. Even this pigeon isn't giving buster any love. Yeah, wow! It seems that inattentional blindness was working a little too well. With no one noticing, it was time for a costume change. Something to make it much easier for folks to see buster. Put your foot in there buddy. To take inattentional blind sns to the next level, it was time to turn buster into an icon. Got your wig. With an unmistakable look. Elvis is in the building. Ain't nothing but a hound dog, right here. There he is in full elvis regalia. With that outfit, no one could possibly miss him. Right? But even with the elvis threads and the shades, a lot of people, still didn't notice. These two women have the flier. She drops her jacket right in front of him. Oops. She bends down, seems to look straight at buster and just walks away. What's that woman handing out over there? Papers about a lost dog. Did you see the dog? Did I see? Yeah. No. This guy takes the flier. He's just like black and white, medium sized dog. He studies it for an age, so eager to help he is practically wagging his tail. It's a sure thing. There's no way this guy is going to miss our mutt. Here is the big moment, he looks right at him! Yes! And no. Buster wasn't quite ready to take of his shades. This was the big break he's been waiting for, so he pushed us to keep going. He was determined to be discovered. Turns out inattentional blindness does not effect everyone equally. Is that your dog? No. This girl spots the dog straight away. Really? Yeah, why? No way. Lost dog? Yeah. It's got the same -- is that an elvis presley costume? It's the same dog. Not only was she onto the dog but she was onto us. I think something is going on here. I think you're right. I think it's a tv show called "would you fall for that" on abc. Okay. I'm looking -- my dog. I love him yesterday. Black and white, medium-sized. If you see him around, my number is right there on the bottom. Thank you so much. There's the dog right there. It's got the same sunglasses, it's got the same nose, the same white -- oh my god! You're on a tv show called "would you fall for that?" How did you all do this? You did a great job though, not many people notice! Really? You're paying attention, you're perceptive, you're aware. Thanks so much. You're welcome! Thank you so much. That was great. While it's easy to be distracts, next time you see a dog wearing sunglasses, dressed up like the king of rock and roll, stop what you're doing, alert the paparazzi and tell them it was us that let the dogs

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{"id":19859278,"title":"Would You Fall for That? Lost Dog and 'Inattentional Blindness'","duration":"5:28","description":"Shown a flyer, would bystanders fail to recognize the dog right in front of them?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fall-lost-dog-inattentional-blindness-19859278","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}