Would You Fall For That? Stop Eating

When an authority figure tried to come between people and their lunch, did they fall for it?
7:32 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for Would You Fall For That? Stop Eating
In hungry? I'm not a cop, but can I still tell you when to eat and when to stop? We are on a lunch hour mission. The first special on our "would you fall for that" menu? Gray's papaya, a fast food joint serving hot dogs, hot dogs and hot dogs. No pretentions and no tables. You're in and out. Gray's papaya is a new york institution. Featured in "sex and the city" and "the backup plan." No fair! You chose this place because it takes, like two seconds. Scott, sasheer and I are dressing up as wait staff. We have all the props we can carry. A velvet rope and serving trays and we swoop in on our target. We're about to institute a reservation policy at gray's papaya, where they serve nothing fancier than these little beauties for $1.95 a pop. Gray's papaya is fine food, but it's not fine dining. Not until we show up to change all that. Would anyone fall for it? Hello, ma'am. Are you dining with us today? Yeah, what's going on? Do you have a reservation for today? Did you call ahead? You're kidding me. No, no. If you don't have a reservation it'll be about a one to three minute wait. Okay, that's fine. Your name? Betsy. Party of one? Yep. Okay. Please just take your spot here. There you have it. Betsy just gets in line. No way. Okay. Do you have a reservation? No. No. Servatreservation? Now this guy, he is suspicious. We can take your name now. It will be about a one to three minute wait, if you don't mind. Your name? Bushover. B-u-s-h-o-v-e-r. Yeah. Okay. If you don't mind waiting behind lesley over here we'll get you in. Thank you. And there he is. He's getting in line. Hello, sir. What about this construction worker? Do you have a reservation with us today? No. Your name? Luis. Okay, it'll just be about a one to three minute wait if you don't mind. Fine. Thank you. Yep, luis just gets in line. And then we meet this feisty lady. Do you have reservations today? Uh, no, not today. It usually takes several weeks in advance to call ahead. Seven weeks, huh? But we may have an opening. I'm a vip. Did she just say she's a vip? Now she wants to see if we will fall for that. Are you on the vip? Yes, I am. Your name? Analise. Analise? Yes. Ah, there you are. Analise, please. And we did. And then scott implement lgs a dress code. Gentlemen, do you have a jacket with you? Of course they don't. Might be a little small on you, sir. But we've got some moth-eaten coats we can lend them. It's a bit warm. slightly underdressed. Embarrassing for everybody. They are bowing to a dress code. Okay, right there way please. Thank you. To eat a hot dog. We declared victory and scurried along to our next lunch time challenge. Time for a costume change, a locale change, and a new, even weirder foodie challenge. Here, in this diner in brook lunn, time for number two on the "would you fall for that" lunchtime specials menu. All right, humans are conditioned to know that red, the color of blood, the color of danger, means stop! Stop! Stop! Think traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, railroad crossings. Could we make people stop eating, mid-bite, with nothing more than a red light? Right there behind the lunch counter, we've hidden some cameras and we've installed, basically, traffic lights, controlled from our secret room in the back. Scott sits at the counter and sasheer is the waitress. Hi, could I have a tuna melt please? Yes! The maitre d' escorts a couple to our position. Game time. They've got a guide book. They're speaking italian. I'm thinking about having a caesar salad. Tourists, eh? Are you ready? Yep. Eh, one caesar salad. Okay. Sasheer does a little bit of digging. Tries to get their back story. Are you visiting? Yes. Here. We're on our honeymoon. Oh, congratulations! Thank you! Yeah, good. Now these two lovebirds have their food, let's make things a little interesting. They're intrigued by the lights. We're watching them from our makeshift control room, these guys are close, so close, to obeying the light. But maybe they need just a little nudge. Okay, I'll go in through the front. I venture out. Can I just get a cup of coffee? And order pie. Do you have pumpkin pie? Thank you. Teresa, the producer, is controlling my red light, and she's messing with me. But I stay in the game and I am obeying. I am loacting like this is totally normal behavior. Would my obedience, my behavior, prove infectious? She's looking at me. She's almost taking notes. And then we started turing her light on. And his light? She actually just took a french fry out of her mouth because of the light. She's so obedient she even stopped wiping her mouth! I'm giggling on the inside, struggling hard to keep my poker face. It's working like a charm! Again. Again. Again. Again. Time to come clean, and out come our cameras. We're doing a psychological experiment at the moment. Oh, no, I can't believe it. So, why did they do it? When I say you, you're like a serious person. You seem like a serious person. I am. A very serious person, I mean, this is my job. If I'm doing it, then you should do it, too? Yes, yes. So I followed you. He's doing it so we should also do it too. Just thinking, it's something that is used here in america. They thought we all did this in america, so they did it, too. We don't all do this in america. Just on "would you fall for that."

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{"id":19922572,"title":"Would You Fall For That? Stop Eating","duration":"7:32","description":"When an authority figure tried to come between people and their lunch, did they fall for it?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fall-stop-eating-19922572","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}