Found Wallet: Take the Money and Run

Part 2: When a man asks if anyone saw a wallet, will the lady push her luck?
5:30 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for Found Wallet: Take the Money and Run
mohegan sun casino where our actor's winning streak continues. Or so she thought. She found a wallet full of cash on the floor. This is freaking awesome! Reporter: When the rightful male owner returned, most people were reluctant to point the finger at the ladies. There's your money. I don't know anything. Reporter: So we turn the tables a bit. Would fingers point at a man when he's the one holding the bag? This one's on -- traci. Reporter: When it's the lady who lost the wallet? I haven't seen a white wallet, that's for sure. Reporter: Time to double down and roll. Did you drop this, by any chance? No. Reporter: Meet barbara arena. Oh, my god. That's a good pay day. You're not kidding. A lot of money, too. It's my pay day now. I would put it back and give it to the girl, because somebody's going to come looking for it. It's up to you. Do you want to split it with me? No, no. I don't want to do that. If I lost my wallet, I would rather have somebody return it. But take what you want. And leave the rest. Finder's fee. Reporter: But she folds a little under pressure. How about I buy your lunch? Fine. You can pick up the bill. Reporter: Enter traci. She's looking for her wallet. I'm sorry, did you see a wallet? White? No, I didn't see a white one. Reporter: And without batting an eye, barbara calls vince's bluff. He's got it. And he's not parting with it because he says it's a finder's fee. I don't -- you for sure? I saw it. But I don't understand why he didn't tell me. I -- he doesn't want to, for some reason. Ask the woman over there. Her and I know. I don't want to accuse him though. He has it. I'm telling you. You're not accusing him. He has it. You could tell him I told you. I don't care. Reporter: Now barbara is on a roll. Do you desperately need the money? Why did you rat me out? She came back for it. Okay. But what's wrong with keeping the cash? Honey, that's like stealing. Reporter: My turn to steal -- a moment of barbara's time. Oh, my god. I don't believe it. I wouldn't do it. Reporter: You told. I did. Reporter: Why? Because I just don't feel it's right. And just to get him off my back, he says to me, you know, I'll buy you lunch. Reporter: And you said yes. I did say yes. But I told him I didn't want any part of it. I didn't want that money. Reporter: He felt you ratted him out. I did. I'm not going to deny it. Reporter: With that, barbara becomes a member of the mohegan sun rat pack. I just read about it -- oh, that's cute. That goes with your outfit. Reporter: This funny guy is don butler. Yeah. Probably got a thousand bucks in there or whatever. There's money in it. She'll be back. I left my credit card here a couple weeks ago. Did you? They held onto it for me. Reporter: After don shares his story, he suggests vince share a little, too. Take a couple dollars of tip in there for ya. Reporter: Now, is don willing to look the other way? That's a lot of cash there. Maybe she'll buy you dinner. Want me to buy you lunch? On her. You got it. Hey, I'll split it with you. Yeah, I don't care. You're sitting here with me. Yeah, she's not coming back. I mean, if she comes back, I'd say definitely give it back to her. Reporter: Odds are, she'll be back. Ma'am, did you see a wallet? I had it in my purse. Reporter: Once don sees the woman behind the wallet, all belts are off. You dropped it on the floor and he picked it up. Oh, really? He took the cash out. Me? Yeah. He did, with $239 credit on there. Yeah. He's got it. Well, he wanted to split it with me. No. You got it, buddy. You want me to call security right now? Reporter: We let this ride a little. Give it back to the girl. Please. Give it back to you. I don't have anything. What are you talking about? When security gets here, they'll prove you wrong. Get a life, buddy. You're both from new jersey. You're from new jersey. He's from new jersey. He looked at your license. He knows that. Reporter: Vince hands over the wallet. But don is not done yet. There's no money in there, because he put it in his pocket. Call security, please. Okay. No, he's going to run off. Follow him. Reporter: Don, how about i follow you? Call security. Here's security. This guy stole his -- the money. Reporter: Come on, he stole the money? Yes. Reporter: It's part of a tv show. Oh. Reporter: I am john quinones. God. Reporter: "What would you do?" Thank you. Tell him to give it back. Please, I feel sorry for this poor girl. Reporter: This is tracy. She is cute. Oh. And wonderful! Reporter: Oh, and if it was an ugly guy? Oh, then I wouldn't give a . Oh, my god. You guys are wonderful. I love you. I love you. Thank you. Reporter: What about vince? What do you think of vince? Oh. You're a creep. I mean, he played his part so well. He's like, "i'm not giving it back. I don't have it." It's right there in your left pocket! I love you guys. This is great. Where is my wife? She is never around when I am having a good time. Reporter: Some people might call you a rat. I mean, I hope so. I really hope so. It's a good thing. Reporter: It's a good thing? And like barbara before him, don butler is a proud member of the rat pack, because they believe a lost wallet is nothing to gamble

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{"id":19529387,"title":"Found Wallet: Take the Money and Run","duration":"5:30","description":"Part 2: When a man asks if anyone saw a wallet, will the lady push her luck?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/found-wallet-money-run-19529387","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}