Gender Discrimination at Job Interview

"Shark Tank" investor Barbara Corcoran intervenes when our "employer" shows gender bias.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Gender Discrimination at Job Interview
Where is this guy? Reporter: He is looking for a dynamic new employee. No, he's not here. Reporter: And she is more than qualified for the job. Hi, I'm terry. Here for the interview. Nice to meet you. You're terry? Yes. Reporter: Problem is, she isn't a he. You do have a great resume, but -- I got to have a man. Reporter: It's gender discrimination and she doesn't want to take it. Are you serious? Yes. Reporter: The drama is brewing, along with the coffee at brownstone's in amityville, new york. I'm kristen, who is looking for a job. I'm jeremy, I'm and playing the chauvinist. Reporter: We're going to need a shark to deal with this guy. Barbara! Yeah. Reporter: Ready to kick off the new season of "what would you do?" You bet. The shark is here. Let's go. Reporter: Let's do it. Barbara corcoran is a manhattan real estate mogul and star of "shark tank." Mind your business. You're out. Reporter: With her business experience, she can certainly spot a predator in the workplace. Today, she'll help navigate the choppy waters of our scenario. This is a fun job you have. Reporter: Let's let the fun begin. Cameras on. Excuse me, mr. Holmes? Hi. I'm terri. Terri. I'm here for the interview. This woman, cookie, is sitting next to our actors. Continue let that name fool you. I don't need any secretaries or assistants. I'm looking for a pesales manager. Cookie and her daughter-in-law to be are shocked. You got a ring there. How serious is your relationship? I'm engaged. Right. I'm interviewing for a position. Not to date you. You're not married though, okay. So, that will make a difference in me getting hired? No, I'm not going to hire you. I mean, I can't. But if you want to have a few drinks, that would be great. Oh, god. Eat them alive. Reporter: Cookie's eyes are rolling as our businessman steps outside for a second. I feel bad for you. What a jerk. He wanted to date you. I wasn't eavesdropping, but -- he's an idiot. What am I supposed to say to that? That's illegal? Tell him to scratch his ass and get up and leave. I really need the job. He's not going to hire you. You're not a man. He's a sexist pig. Men run it and women don't. I would have kicked him. That's what I would have done. Reporter: Before she can do that. We tell our actress to leave. You're right. Would you please tell him i left. Absolutely. Thank you. Take your papers, honey. He's a jerk and he'll get his. I feel bad for her. Reporter: And now jeremy returns to face cookie. Where did she go? She left. She had a great resume. Then you should have hired her. Ooild go out with her -- oh, yeah, of course you'll go out with her. Her qualifications don't mean a damn thing. You'll just take her and jump in bed with her and that will be the end. Yeah. I don't think it's funny. I think you're a despikele person. Can I buy you breakfast? Absolutely not. I don't need any man to buy my breakfast. Reporter: How are you, ma'am? Oh, my god. Reporter: This is jeremy, he's an actor. He's a nice guy. Hi, sweetheart. No sweetheart. Men are idiots. Every one of them. Except for my son. I was cheering for you. I was like -- you go, girl! Reporter: Cookie, your advice to men who treat women that way? They should be tarred and feathered. Reporter: We roll again and now these women don't know they're sitting right next to a male chauvinist. So funny. I was sort of expecting a man. Reporter: The women can sense right away that this interview is not off to a great start. I see you're engaged. Yes. You're going to be planning a wedding, then after that, how long is it going to be before you're pregnant? Um -- Reporter: The women are stunned. We tell our businessman to take a call. Pardon me for a second. Hello? Yeah. No, it's -- it's a girl. It's a little girl. Reporter: And the second he's gone -- is everything okay? You didn't want to, like, say anything, but -- yeah. We started crying, too. He said you were weak for the position because you're a woman? I can't believe this. I'm still qualified. What should I do? Walk out. Punch him in the face. Walk out. Reporter: The women per swald our actress. You guys are right. You guys are right. This is ridiculous. Can you tell him that I left? Sure. Yes, definitely. Tell him where to go for me. Reporter: They'll get their chance, because our businessman is back. Did you see a woman here? Yeah, she left. Where did she go? Reporter: The women are worked up. I think she would be qualified. Why wouldn't she be? Well, you know, she's -- she's a girl. And -- what is that supposed to mean? I'm a girl, so I can't -- auto parts -- I probably would have punched you in the face and walked out. Really? SHE'S NOT INTERESTED. Reporter: But maybe the women are interested in knowing it's "what would you do?". How are you? You know barbara corcoran from "shark tank?" Oh, this is crazy! This is so overwhelming! Are we going to be on tv? Reporter: Yes. Oh, my god! Slap him in the face. Is that okay? Can i? Let's do this again. Reporter: We will do it again. One last time. I thought you had an opening for a sales position? Reporter: This couple has seen the interview go from bad to worse. Salesman. Not a saleswoman. Can you excuse me for a moment? Yeah. I would report him to someone. This is 2012. What nerve. He doesn't deserve someone like you. Reporter: What our businessman deserves is, well, something probably best said by cookie. I wouldn't have kicked him in the nutnuts, so he can't do this anymore. Reporter: What would our real life couple when the next interviewee arrives. It's not a position for you, sorry. It's just not. Reporter: Here we go. I have over seven years experience running a large sales organization. I had men report to me. You're looking for a sales manager, is that right? Reporter: The couple is glued to this shark's beating. Probably one of the most insecure men I've ever met. I don't even want you to have my resume. Watch what I do. Take that. Eat it. Reporter: She has only one thing left to say. I'm barbara corcoran. I'm a very wealthy woman. I'm going to buy that business. I'm going to fire you on monday. You're not barbara corcoran. I am. And I'll buy your business. Yes. Oh, yes she is. There's somebody else here you should meet, you jerk. What? Reporter: All right, guys, hi. I'm john quinones. And this is part of "what would you do?" This is barbara corcoran. I've seen her on tv. I know who she is. Reporter: In the end, our businessman is no match for the biggest shark in the water. Proving that it's eat or be eaten, or maybe just eat it.

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{"id":17241796,"title":"Gender Discrimination at Job Interview","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Shark Tank\" investor Barbara Corcoran intervenes when our \"employer\" shows gender bias.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/gender-discrimination-job-interview-17241796","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}