Germs at the Grocery Store

Howie Mandell helps stage a WWYD scenario that is very personal to him.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Germs at the Grocery Store
It's an issue that affects millions of americans in their everyday lives. Obsessive compulsive disorder, in this case, mysophobia and irrational fear of germs. If any of this sounds familiar -- it's my enemy. It may be because comedian and television star has helped give it a face. A condition until recently had remained below the surface. I wouldn't touch this because a lot of people have touched this. And today howie is bringing it to kir roy's grocery store helping shine a light on an issue that he's struggled with for years. My man. You made it happen. There's nothing more on strusive in my life than this issue. The issue, intense anxiety and it be triggered by anything, something even as simple as a shopping cart or a grocery basket. Tracy will be our germophobe trying to navigate a world with microscopic terror. Jeremy plays the role of a manager who just doesn't understand and howie, well, he's watching it all behind the scenes. If you saw a store manager berating this woman because she thinks an orange is now dirty -- you see this. This has an orange peel, okay. There aren't any germs inside it. "What would you do?" To be honest with you, i think it'll run the gamut from ignoring to laughter. Oh. Oh, shoot. Sorry. immediately a kind gesture, but for tracy, it's not enough. Here's a basket for you. No, I'm sorry. Those are actually dirty now. I can't -- the floor -- no, we just mopped this area. It's fine. Yeah, I know. It's just -- I have ocd. You have what? Ocd. My mysophobia. Sara cowlen immediately understand. It would bother her a lot so switch them for different things. Jeremy pretends he just doesn't get it. I'll just wipe them off. And then they'll be clean. No germs, that's fine. Yeah, that's -- it's really not working. Making nye job harder. You're going to peel it. Our first scene of the day and already sarah is pulling jeremy aside. It has a peel on it. Can we talk? Wow. Ocd is obsessive compulsive disorder. These shaking from that. She cannot handle this. Calmly and deliberately she tries to reason with jeremy. It's just in her head. But you're not going to cure it right now. You couldn't. You know, if there was a way she would have had it cured a long time ago. I'm not a psychiatrist. I'm just trying to sell some stuff. Can you be human? It's a touching moment for howie. I love this lady. Hi there. This is all part of "what would you do?" The tv show. She's okay. Oh, my god. This is howie mandel. Hi, I'm howie mandel. I have mysophobia. I will give you a hug. You are so sweet and wonderful and not what I was expecting to see somebody so compassionate and stands up for somebody and kind of acknowledges that it's real was so heartwarming to me and you should be very proud not embarrassed. When we used two veteran "what would you do?" Actors it was a stunning intervention but what will happen now when we send howie in in disguise to play our manager repeating the ugly things people have said to him for years. Oh. Oh. Oh. Are you okay? Yeah, I -- I can't touch -- here you go. No, I'm good. I can't touch it. It has a lot of germs on it. What are you talking about? Want me to touch for you and put it in the basket. This stuff is perfectly good. I have mysophobia. I have ocd. You have what? Ocd. I don't know what that is. Mysophobia. I don't know what that is. And elaine cunningham takes matters into her own hands. I'll put it back for you. Why are you doing this for her? She's just being -- because I'm a nice person too, just liou are. Nice? Not exactly. Germs? A lot of georges -- tell her what she's saying is silly. It's her mental thing and if she can't do that then she has a right to do what she needs to do for her mental thing right now. Would you like me to put them back? I'm happy to do that. Can I explain something to you? Look right here. Many ma, hi. I'm john quinones and this is "what would you do?" What? And I'm howie mandel. Oh, my god. Why did you get involved? Because I could sense her need. Why help her? She's a stranger. Why help anybody who is a stranger? If they need help, why wouldn't you do that? I've never been surrounded by so many compassionate people. I'm moving to jersey. Time and again, people stand up for our germophobe. Will you help me out? Just tell her it's crazy. She's entitled to her own opinion. If she's not comfortable doing it, she should be do what she wants to. If you think they were speaking out because they recognized howie mandel, well, think again. Sir, look at me. Look at me. Yeah, you're on -- this is howie mandel -- I don't know who you are. I'm getting a new publicist. Well, some people just aren't all that recognizable. But surely he'll recognize me. You know who this guy is? No. No? All right. We won't take it personally. Despite our anonymity, things aren't going great. Three scenes and three outspoken defenders of our germophobe, but howie says not so fast. I'll tell you why because you're actor is female. Because it's a female that's struggling, you know, chivalry. So we switch things up again and sending in a male actor, but not just any actor -- alex, come here. Howie's own son, alex and he knows howie's struggles all too well. What did I always say to you, keep your hand off the bannisters. Off everything. Off of everything. My own family is like a CIRQUE du SOLEIL ACT. Now it's father and son in a germophobic showdown. Oh. Oh. Losing your fruit. Oh, I -- I can't touch it. I could get another one. Look, what do you think is going to happen if you touch this? It -- come here. He's got an issue. Let him replace it. Let him replace it. Oh, come on. Seriously. Seriously. Three men immediately defending alex. This is terrible. What's terrible? Your at you'd. Why? This is not a real issue, though he. It's obviously a real issue for him. To howie's surprise, the support just keeps on coming. You shouldn't have to explain yourself. Don't worry about it. Don't explain yourself. It's hard to explain. You know what he's talking about? I don't have to know what he's talking about. I don't care. Honestly it doesn't sound crazy to me. It was surprising. At the end of the day not single person treated our actors with anything but compassion. What we've done here is we've called more attention to it and more attention is positive. To that extent we've succeeded. Well, yeah, wow, another job well done. Our mission here is complete,

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{"id":17410411,"title":"Germs at the Grocery Store","duration":"3:00","description":"Howie Mandell helps stage a WWYD scenario that is very personal to him.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/germs-grocery-store-17410411","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}