Little Girl Draws On Artwork

WWYD if you saw a young girl, bored with her coloring book, start drawing on a café's expensive artwork?
7:22 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Little Girl Draws On Artwork
Hello, and welcome to "What would you do?." But this time around, it's more like what wouldn't you do? From the hilarious to the incredibly moving. The scenes are set, the actors are in place, and the cameras are rolling. Reporter: We'd like to introduce our next actor. Hi, I'm ava. Reporter: Her character? A sweet little girl who loves to draw. Do you like my picture? Reporter: In fact, today, she's taking her talent to the redeye cafe in montclair, New Jersey, where they display and sell fine art by local artists. That is so pretty! Reporter: Ava is not just working on her own drawings. What will people do when this petite Picasso messes with a masterpiece? Mommy, do you like it? Reporter: And what if mom tries to escape the consequences? Let's get out of here before anyone sees. Reporter: This woman is eyeing the art on the walls as ava's busy making her own. That's cute. I'm going to the bathroom, okay? Okay. Don't leave here. Reporter: But when mom steps away, ava spies a new canvas for her creativity. That's pretty! Reporter: Pretty, and expensive. A $300 canvas. Oh, my god! Stop that! Honey, no! With why? Reporter: When ava doesn't take the hint. She yells even louder. Catching the attention of the staff. Patrice is an actor. They don't know her yet. That's $300. She didn't do that. We just saw her. So, you are the witnesses? I'm not going to pay $300. We can all split it. It's $100 each. Are you insane? We don't have any responsibility. Reporter: Time to calm things down. I'm John Quinones. You freaked out when you saw her go up there. I was like, this is someone's living. Reporter: You yelled. Yes, I did. Reporter: Throughout the day, Traci keeps leaving ava alone with her imagination and a permanent marker. And we find hero. After hero. Rushing to protect our abstract art. When Traci asks for their silence. That's $300. Don't say anything. I'm not. Reporter: She finds friends in this mother-daughter duo. Do you know what happened? No. Reporter: Why stay quiet? I felt that it was really her responsibility. If she wanted to own up to it, that she should. Reporter: Next, when Traci and ava flee the scene, this man makes sure the truth gets out. The kid stood up and drew on the painting. Your person that did it just ran out. Reporter: He even follows our culprits out the door. Is she out here? Reporter: No, she's not, but we are. I'm John Quinones. It's part of the show. That was pretty amazing. Well, it's somebody's art, you know? I've been an artist myself, and I know the effort that it takes to put into something. There's value in everything, especially when people put work into it. And what's the worst thing to happen, you're out $300? Reporter: And now ava's making more art, and new friends. Do you like my picture? That's beautiful. I try to encourage the creativity, and her to be free. You know, now is the time to really push it. Reporter: She's going to push it, all right. Can you just watch her for a sec? I'm just gonna -- Yes. Reporter: Mom's away. Now it's time for ava to play. That's pretty. Yeah, isn't that pretty? I'm going to fix it. Reporter: And now, ava decides she's going to make it prettier. No, no, no, honey, I don't think that's a good idea sweetie. What's wrong? Reporter: I'm like a little Picasso. But I'm a little Picasso. Yeah, you are. She is a little Picasso. Reporter: Unlike her, these women seem amused. Are they going to let her continue? She has to get down. Don't you like it? I love it. That's great, but this is someone else's painting. We can't draw on it. Okay, I'll get down. Paper's so boring. Reporter: They convince ava to sit down, but now listen to their critique. You did a really good job. I think it looks much better now. It needed a person there. Yeah, it kind of did. Reporter: But what will they do now that mom is back? She drew a picture up there. It says $300. $300. Ava, we have to get out of here before they see this. Reporter: They may not approve, but they all let Traci and ava make a clean getaway before alerting the staff. The little girl who was sitting there drew a picture on the painting. Oh, my god. I feel sorry for the artist. That's how the artists make their living. Reporter: Their response takes us by surprise. You know what, we come here literally every day. We'll take responsibility for it. Reporter: They agree to pay for the painting. We decide to tell them it's my work. I'm the artist. What happened here? I'm John Quinones. We know. Reporter: She was an actress. Yes. You were going to buy it? We come here every day. This is like our family. It really is like family. Reporter: $300? I know. Reporter: This is little ava. Do you think it really looks it looks better? Yeah, I actually do. Reporter: And, by the way, we made sure everyone who came to our paintings' rescue took one home. Thank you so much. Reporter: Free of charge. Reporter: And ava's learned a valuable lesson. Leave the markers at home! Coming up, what happens when

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{"id":24724094,"title":"Little Girl Draws On Artwork","duration":"7:22","description":"WWYD if you saw a young girl, bored with her coloring book, start drawing on a café's expensive artwork?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/girl-draws-artwork-24724094","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}