Girlfriend Buys Positive Pregnancy Test

"WWYD": Onlookers have surprising reactions when a woman eager to marry shows her boyfriend the test
8:14 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Girlfriend Buys Positive Pregnancy Test
Hello and welcome to what would you do although this time around it's more like what wouldn't you do from the outrageously hilarious to be incredibly moving. So let's get -- right to it the -- that the actors in place and the hidden cameras are rolling. A week jasmine and her boyfriend. In many here. They've been dating provides news and jasmine is ready to walk down behind. Him he came -- -- But there's one problem Derek is dragging its feet wouldn't degrade that your -- travel network news war. You can be -- -- sometimes he should be -- behind -- -- ring. And -- and she's downright determined. To hook and she's just heard some news. She thinks she can use. Implying -- Selling a positive pregnancy tests on -- charging between twenty and fifteen dollars -- Extra money into marrying mountain killed definitely marrying me if he thinks I have eight. They're now jasmine is putting her planning to act. -- -- -- -- In north Brunswick New Jersey a -- we'll play the pregnant -- I have a pregnancy tests here for 25 dollars to if you solve this -- We're pregnant. And this deception and molesting. No one pregnancy test that I took this morning it has a positive sign on its 25 dollars I have -- out these college kids think they're just here for -- is exactly -- indicator in a much thinner. -- there's much more on the menu it's just think he's asked to take the test again had to cut. Thank you go in the bathroom and actually moves in the column I have the I -- -- she's been so captivated. You barely looks down. Its my boyfriends. Coming. It's a little room. I have big big big big day visit. We're pregnant Houston and -- -- It didn't hurt starting gates and facility yeah he does an exciting for rulers are you -- producers. These are accurate well you know what I have more self titled don't take another -- and there. Eric is left alone and as they keep to themselves heat becomes desperate for another woman's advice. -- its turnaround. Like freaking out like -- to talk to somebody is. -- discourage children pregnancy. Here's what's happening if you like proposed and that's what -- students situations and want. -- found out. Now we'll they'd blow the whistle on his girlfriend's mother. Really yeah. And maybe that doctor would prescribe something true. I really ought to get paid but I wouldn't do something like that I'm going to start you once you find out something like -- can trust them. He's got the heat putted and their first second just a second just a couple of seconds an -- By someone else. This man witnesses everything. That happens and yeah. You won't have no not really know he doesn't even -- a real Tom. Now on this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ziglar I'm but themselves it's like 1980%. Effective. And sometimes painful 10% chance and -- thought. She looks sympathetic in Tennessee -- -- We -- reveals builders secret. Yeah. Before and -- pregnant. -- did we hear that right. Who visited -- -- I don't know managed just like Lexington and honestly I'm a little suspicious mention -- real hard to get married. What what would -- to -- right now we'll. One. We're wondering why he sides with jasmine when -- first he was shaking his head. Maybe jasmine can find out what's really on his mind. You know we're not hanging -- and help -- and I want to -- -- of -- and notable thing yeah. Situated. He just -- a little push. Then he loves you leave us talking. We just wanted confirmed one more and they didn't so you don't think he's trying to -- wrong he don't think there was Ron Cummings tax. To -- Don't. We need next man. Up but can tell that you -- you know I didn't -- -- -- -- it's. Behind the scenes we're also done by his reaction. Time to get some answers -- myself. In the wake yeah. So what happened before I have -- there -- about as someone else's test cattle were shaking your head that first six -- -- the end of life she. -- that we thought it was OK I have four kids like justice. Can we tend to get an answer that's how am I want kids to -- it's about having kids and convince them we love each other and we can have kids. Asked -- it's a true story I wouldn't do it again absolutely. This -- my ticket again wearing a loving parents. While the -- these women ridiculed adjustments game. The great and England and very happy yeah. Derrick -- comfort. -- in the form of food. And jasmine this can damn well. Yeah. -- you. But no one comes out and tells -- the whole story. We're pregnant it didn't. Home home. This woman can't look away. -- -- -- She's fully engaged in the -- -- -- and as soon as jasmine leaves. He had -- opinions. I was not -- not at all. This is like so crazy and was ready for kids -- I was planning on traveling secure world I don't know if I won a merrier. She's she's. I guess four and a half to. Will she tell him -- -- Do you think I should have doubts. We're using. Okay. Really. -- -- -- She seems as upset as Eric everything -- so we send over our waitress -- does help calm her nerves. Until tomorrow. I think our own like changed his life. Does it feel like that child -- -- itself back yeah real positive glory years. Until I noticed. You've felt from him time. -- report I just I don't -- Clark remembers this and daughters but still a lot of -- made him happy. Looks like jasmine is just going to -- -- -- --

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{"id":21090074,"title":"Girlfriend Buys Positive Pregnancy Test","duration":"8:14","description":"\"WWYD\": Onlookers have surprising reactions when a woman eager to marry shows her boyfriend the test","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/girlfriend-buys-positive-pregnancy-test-21090074","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}