Hair Dye Job From Hell

Will patrons help a woman going to a job interview with a disastrous do?
8:50 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Hair Dye Job From Hell
Okay Traci you know -- fantastic -- finally came here you know two. He's promising a -- and change your life and she's eating it right now. But what happens at this hair stylists hair -- -- turns into book here don't. What would you do with this you've -- Our hidden cameras are set up at banks salon and spa and Montclair New Jersey. -- -- -- There -- -- pretending she's got an important interview that a conservative law firm. Police are black are actors pretending he knows what he's doing. You know. Which you speak up for this jobs here that she was too intimidated to say anything for herself. Our cameras start rolling as these -- in real life lives are seated next to our actors. It just needs about I don't know like a few meanings RSS Amy I'm going to be about you to stay here and didn't retail and. Tracy strikes up a conversation much. -- -- -- -- -- It's on you know I don't think my cell. -- Now that the women understand how important his hairstyle days -- ball comes back. -- -- -- -- Here we go is the victory Bailey looks like yeah. -- care. How much. I I think he's seen no brief -- that is being in the women are horrified. You don't think that -- -- out you know. I thought it was going to be a little -- I -- be settled -- I'm gone. Look forward to going -- Now that she's gone are confident -- Douglas -- a confession. Look I screwed up I -- that. She has -- -- he did you right now like. -- finger and have a -- you know. -- -- won't get much help from this woman either. -- -- -- -- conservative that Eunice Kennedy of the so it's the principle of making a -- who. This is as you've all steps away racing is back. Again -- blues -- Picked out. But nobody's laughing. As you -- return. But now you fall is changing his tune wouldn't you know what. This arts. You know I think -- beautiful Ayman -- -- -- -- -- he's always right and that's why the customer comes to me. I'm this is what -- -- character. You can run but she can't -- It turns out season -- in Reno is a family law attorney who finished her treatment and then told us -- treatment Traci god. -- -- -- What you think he just feet from the -- Who are going to be so excited. As -- it's very clear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This woman seems to -- get -- So we'll school teachers took pity if the political look I hate acted ethically. I'm going for an -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. Didn't. But this woman isn't so enthusiastic. I would probably. I mean it's not my style. Reminds me. Very different opinions about this look. But both women agree that racing needs support. But you -- doesn't feel he's defending his design. -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- and she's going -- -- a piece of art you know I just I'm just disappointed. He's -- -- figures saying that he looks but you know like right to my clients face -- her personal life. -- -- -- -- -- -- But if you don't have something nice to say you know maybe. To some thing. But it's not five she's mad -- you stand for of -- data for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You had to say something that's I thought it looked horrible back up at. Pearson went back I worked hard in my study. Like maybe she's going out best Lampard is the high school teacher who says she didn't want -- -- Anyone's dealers who later build your -- And -- would. Please I think it's the teacher -- -- as. These. That this. -- We wrote the -- one last time and get a reaction we haven't seen yet act now. Now it's time for that big -- I'm so excited for you. Only then all of our reliable my goodness it's -- that's going -- -- look. We're clearly not everyone thinks -- he looks fantastic and this woman wastes no time cutting. Not discuss -- maybe his quick fifth straight man. And -- people. She's pretty reasonable. So quit your head or something. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the best thing you've ever seen I don't know something but I'll -- you feel. Thank you we'll follow. We'll all work together. Sounds -- the plant but -- balls walks away as Tracey returns. And I know general conference. You actually get back to duplicate factory. -- Forget that the accident now she's right in the middle and I -- if he comes back we'll talk of the town that's horrible. Will see about. Okay -- if you look gorgeous I think he's like the best thing ever even that woman has to land. I'm an artist this is what I abilities as -- -- the woman told you balls -- support him but Tracy's also asked. For help so what she going to do now. Other I spoke to heard before and I. Nothing against you and what kind of -- -- -- but that didn't happen. -- ago. You don't think I'm just gonna have to bring up the master stylist. I am here I am -- his violence I'd like bad hairdo. -- France. Viewers so diplomatic. With the both asked to take there's. I think a lot of women have been in that position -- here again and don't like it. Maybe you pay for it but it's like there getting. It happened. Turns out Jessica Marcel as the fourth grade teacher who says there's a lesson -- highlight from this prepared disaster. For -- indication. Planning ahead Hollywood I'm my hair and a half an hour if birds -- -- have problems surrounding communities worry if you don't like the decision.

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{"id":15991456,"title":"Hair Dye Job From Hell","duration":"8:50","description":"Will patrons help a woman going to a job interview with a disastrous do?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/hair-dye-job-hell-15991456","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}