Handicap Hoax

WWYD: A woman fakes a disability to receive preferential treatment in a grocery store.
6:56 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for Handicap Hoax
Reporter: It's another hectic morning and Traci is feeling tired, lazy, and entitled to break the rules. So as she pulls into the fairway market in Stamford, Connecticut, she passes empty spots to park right next to the door. But wait a minute. It's the handicap only space. She's not physically disabled. But, that doesn't stop Traci from jumping on a motorized cart to zoom up and down the aisles. It's all harmless fun. Or is it? Today's scenario, people pretending to be handicapped, is not all that unusual. Although "Seinfeld" took it to a whole new level. Well, you're not gonna believe what happened. My own personal rascal jerry, on the house. Well, it must be comforting to know you'll be going straight to hell at no more than three miles per hour. Reporter: Back at the fairway market, will any of these other shoppers put up a stop sign when they realize Traci is not disabled? "What would you do?" Excuse me, ma'am? Can you grab me one of those lattes? Actually that one on the end. Do you mind putting this back for me? A little higher. You got those high heels on, girl. Wait, wait. Where are you going? Reporter: Because they believe she's disabled and needs assistance -- No, no. Down, the bottom. Oh yeah, you're tall. Reporter: -- Most shoppers stop and help. This shopper even gets off his phone to make time for Traci. Why don't I give you a call back, all right? Yeah. Three from over there and two from the left. Let me grab that real quick. Reporter: But when he sees Traci leap from the chair, time runs out. I don't have too much time. I have to meet my work partner in a second. Can you just help me put this back? And then one more. Reporter: Throughout the day there are all kinds of reactions to our scenario. Can I tell you a secret? Reporter: She confesses to this woman. But she doesn't seem to care. I'm not really handicap. Put your leg right there. Reporter: Some shoppers even try out the cart for a spin. Go that way. Whoa. Can you hurry up please? Reporter: Still, others simply walk away. Can you grab me something let me grab system -- some of this. Reporter: But then we meet this woman. When she sees Traci stand up and walk, she just has to step up and talk. You shouldn't be driving there. Why? Because it's for the handicap people who have problems getting around. You're perfectly fine getting up and getting it for yourself. Well, I just feel special. No, but now I'm feeling a little bad. You should. Now get up and walk and stop following me. Reporter: Now, we raise the stakes by introducing our second actor, Alyse. She plays the role of someone who really could use the motorized cart that Traci is abusing. Alyse is even wearing a brace and carrying a cane. Ma'am, I just saw you in the parking lot walking fine, so how come you took that cart? Well, it was available. What do you mean? Wouldn't you have taken it? If I had something going on with my legs, I suppose, yeah. I'm sure they have other carts though. Reporter: And then, along comes this man, jay Servidio. Uh, yeah. I'm just so tired today. And I'm not even handicapped. I'm just tired. You're not handicapped and you're running around in this cart? Is it fun? Yeah. Have you ever done it? No. Why? I just assumed that you were handicapped. I was trying to be a nice guy. Reporter: But when Alyse enters the scene -- Don't say anything. Reporter: -- Jay is put to the test. Do you think she really needs that cart? I don't know. I just offered to help. Reporter: Then jay tries to convince Traci to do the right thing. Well, what would you do? I would go up to the front. Get a cart -- and offer this one to that lady. Reporter: Excuse me, sir. How you doing? She's an actress. . You were caught in the middle of all of that. I was just trying to be polite, do the right thing. Reporter: But it's shopper, Haley Merrill, who's all heart. Thank you. I'm so tired. I'm not even handicapped. Oh, no, that's okay. Reporter: At first Haley helps Traci, but then she notices our other actor Alyse in that brace. Did you say you're just tired? Yeah, and -- And I'm like hobbling around here. I could really use one. Reporter: Haley is torn. Should I give it up to her? I mean, she does have a neck brace. So I mean, I would. But, honestly, you're just tired. Reporter: She makes her getaway, but Haley stays behind, trying to help. Time to meet this good samaritan. You were caught in between these two women? Yes. Truthfully, I just wanted to walk away because I was just like I don't know. Reporter: And instead you started helping her? Yeah, I figured if I needed help someone would ask me. So -- Reporter: That's nice. Finally we meet Megan rich, who's very happy to lend a helping hand. Can you go up there. I think the graham cracker. The one on the left. Milk chocolate? Yeah. Reporter: Until she notices something fishy. Goodbye and thanks! Reporter: So when Megan sees Traci taking advantage of yet another customer, she pounces. Do you have a physical disability? Cause I saw you getting up? Are you physically disabled? No. That really upsets me. You're conning people right now, I'm late to pick up my child at school. We're all tired, but that is ridiculous. Because I'm tired every day of my life. Yeah. No. Totally. But can you get me one more thing though? I will seriously get security to have you stop bugging me. Reporter: Tired, but now relieved when we tell her it's all part of "What would you do?" You were very helpful at the beginning. She just pushed it too far? You said to her, we're all tired. I mean, we can all use a little motorized cart. I just felt like she was being selfish and inconsiderate of other people. Reporter: Yeah. Finally, someone who calls out Traci for what she is, selfish and inconsiderate. You don't want to be that person. Leave those parking spots and motorized carts for folks who really need them.

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{"id":24532718,"title":"Handicap Hoax ","duration":"6:56","description":"WWYD: A woman fakes a disability to receive preferential treatment in a grocery store. ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/handicap-hoax-24532718","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}