Interracial Couple Faces Criticism

In this "WWYD" setup, a bystander offers her advice and a hug.
8:41 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Interracial Couple Faces Criticism
-- Kenyon sandy most barbershop and harmful worldwide Barbara -- discriminated against -- simply because of the color of their skin. The white. -- -- -- But what -- now things get more personal. Rachel as an actor playing our hairdresser who knows there -- -- on the new customer. -- -- -- Who -- don't savings. But Gabriel has a girlfriend and when she shows up fifty. Ginobili came over -- -- rude awakening or -- -- and. -- little white girls my girlfriend and then kind of strong black woman -- If you saw this woman berating and interracial couple. What would you do it's. -- -- -- Lady. But he's in Alaska from jail and -- girl were wiped. And. I don't and it it's crazy crazy -- union -- Rachel isn't pulling any punches when Christians come at first this one takes the soft comforting approach. -- -- -- little -- have any children like I'm that she's now but the real -- It's here and with that -- and mold to grow this Phillips there's nothing holding her back. Pregnancy does not amount to 800 Mahmoud record PP MU if he gets leniency -- his chance to -- Right. Coming the news land route to another black -- fans -- Criticism that he went to -- the people he wouldn't go -- with -- -- -- What that flag flying defendant a -- -- and I don't care what she -- she could be crippling of the defendant a woman every point blank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do not -- he's the better good your -- Well before actress flies away from time to introduce -- Yeah. -- -- -- Being my best of the Brooklyn innings and you have to say something that you know that -- and fifty especially when something's wrong don't sit around anywhere when you know uncomfortable was because times. -- words. She's not one of us because things are about to get vary on comfortable and quiet in here. Hang on to what we don't there's room. Not too long ago what was that don't there's still going through. We have a black president shouldn't share your -- -- well I'm just saying what every woman here is thinking now. You know kill the messenger whenever -- -- -- -- -- lack Taliban's Christian ones away from men chanting. And. And still no one is a word and I ran I. Why now. It is volume and. There definitely -- an appropriate why not -- something. -- -- Kind kind of funny tiny chamber instead everyone here is thinking what I'm thinking on March 11 thinking was -- with -- and who could -- -- but we sure know what really children and I don't know -- -- just -- it. How could I do you know created district. Actually still goes on. Kristen is overcome with emotions. It affects this man so much he almost jumps out of this. Come on -- like that anyway. And ashamed of -- -- Did you see what's your plan. Look at it plays an up and Harlem so. This is any -- The downtown and the. Well that -- me how could. There's not a thing. They're grown in a black families. We're Nicholas Richards that comment is the last straw. OK and -- one. Would you near the White House. Maybe this morning no good news well I don't hear. You know the way we get treated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plenty of black people did nothing wrong. It's why you -- -- there's. His fingers. And I. I -- that we. Such an eloquent condemnation. Of racism. She doesn't really work well. You're angry at her -- doesn't do anything but to get more -- and it can hold us back enough. Black people need to -- Iraq constructive ways to move forward and just being angry and upset -- what people doesn't do that. Good lives. But nothing prepared us for this last -- -- live the way down. Why should -- And HR executive and diversity trainer cannot believe what she's hearing. Mom and I just -- and -- -- -- from black woman you know. So you think that's our own. I'm nothing against gays and I'm still a good. I noticed this time she tried to get to the bottom of Rachel's means. Just feel -- -- see something like -- little girls who. Don't think there's been -- -- and then Rachel gets to the more of -- problem. When my mother taught me. -- -- -- She wants Rachel to apologize to -- -- -- Wallace the ones being. It's. Going. To let him go -- -- Snowy rest it's. And he's my boyfriend. Can hear you guys talking. He's my boyfriend. She wants to. You can. It's. -- Yeah. Who. It's. Helping it's. Huge. Thank you -- Why did she get. -- -- Sometimes you have to step up so that you don't fall back do you understand where she's coming absolutely it offended you absolutely. And any didn't offend me. It hurt. It hurt me because that's not what -- -- home what did you want Rachel to know about Chris. What's different. You know this is moving forward this -- wouldn't move forward and and I. It's. That once they're better it's once. And that's exactly what she's -- she's so many people stepped forward against hatred and bigotry. A sermon that the barber -- now ringing through the streets of and beyond.

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{"id":21089947,"title":"Interracial Couple Faces Criticism","duration":"8:41","description":"In this \"WWYD\" setup, a bystander offers her advice and a hug.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/interracial-couple-faces-criticism-21089947","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}