Interracial Couple Faces Criticism

In this "WWYD" setup, a bystander offers her advice and a hug.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Interracial Couple Faces Criticism
It was a simple idea, an inter racial couple ridiculed at a barber shop. It resonated throughout the internet with millions of hits and comments like there may be hope for us yet and everyone should watch this. Once again by popular demand, our scenario from denny moe's in harlem. Rachel is an actor playing a hairdresser who has her eye on a new customer. You working here for a while? Too long. When are you going to come see me? Gabriel has a girlfriend and when she shows up, it's a rude awakening for rachel. Wait, what? You're with a white girl? That's my girlfriend. You couldn't find a strong black woman? If you saw this woman berating an inter racial couple, what would you do? Hi, baby. Hey. Hey. Baby? You dating a white girl? I'm getting a girl who is white if that's what you mean. Okay. I don't get it but -- crazy. Only thing crazy is you being in here. Rachel isn't pulling any punches with kristen and at first this woman takes a soft approach. Nobody is bothered by you. I hope you don't plan on having any children. Like I said, she sounds like a real hater and she's insecure. Denise is so upset there is nothing holding her back. She's ignorant. You ain't talking about me. I'm talking about you. You are ignorant. Keep your opinions so yourself because you sound stupid. I'm letting you know, black girl to another black girl. You sound stupid. As much criticism we went through as a people you're going to do it to the next person. Who gives you that right? Why you defending a white women though? She's a women, period, point blank. Maybe you're not a woman. You're a bird. Get out of here birdie. Well, before our actress flies away, it's time to introduce ourselves. Oh! Oh, my god! "What would you do". I'm crazy. That's just the brooklyn in me. You had to say something. You got to speak up when something is wrong. Don't sit around anywhere when you're not feeling comfortable. Speak up. Timely words. She's not one of us. Things are about to get uncomfortable and quiet in here. She ain't gone through what we gone through not too long ago what we were going through, still going through. We have a black president, shouldn't that show you how far we've come? I'm saying what every woman in here is thinking. Kill the messenger, whatever. They wouldn't be with a white guy, would they. Kristen walks away for a minute. I can't take this, sorry. Still, no one says a word. Am I right or am I right? Why not? Did it bother you? It bothered me a lot, but it wasn't my place to say anything. Definitely wasn't appropriate. Why not say something? I guess hind sight is 20-2020. She said everyone in here is thinking what I'm thinking. I sure wasn't thinking what she was thinking. What did I do to you? Read a history book. Actually, it still goes on. Kristen is overcome with emotion. It affects this man so much he almost jumps out of his seat. Don't belong with a girl like that any way. It's none of your business. You should be ashamed of yourself. Did you see what she looked like. She's a blonde white girl. We up in harlem. Go down town. They can cuss you out downtown? Why would they cuss me out? Because you black and you don't belong. That's the same thing you're saying to that white girl. It's it's not same. They ruining the black family. Drugs are ruining the black family. Poverty is ruining the black family. That white girl is not ruining. Would you be with a white girl? Maybe. That's not your business. If I brought her here, you better not be rude to her. Give them the same medicine. Plenty of black people did nothing wrong. You messed up. Why are you shaking your head? Because it's ignorance and i can't deal with ignorance. Such an eloquent condemnation of racism. She doesn't really work here. Thank you. Thank you. You were angry at her. Hate doesn't do anything but bye get more hate. It holds us back. Black people need to figure out constructive ways to move forward. Being angry and upset at white people doesn't do that. Good advice, but nothing prepared us for this last woman. Wait, what? You're with a white girl? Marcia, an hr executive and diversity trainer cannot believe what she's hearing. I mean, I want to see him with a strong black woman, you know. I hear you, but we embrace. You think that's wrong? It doesn't matter. I'm gay. You think that's wrong. I have nothing against gays. I just feel like -- civil liberties. I didn't mean disrespect. I know you didn't. She tries to get to the bottom of rachel's intolerance. Where is your caring and loving heart. If she was laying in the street bleeding would you help her? I see so many black little girls who don't think they're good enough. That has nothing to do with her, nothing to do with him. It's our responsibility to make sure they feel good enough. Let's try to raise together. We can't do it without them. What are you talking about? Nothing. Except we're going to go take that woman's hand. She wants rachel to apologize. Yes, you should, while it's still on your spirit so you can sleep better tonight. Come on. Go up to her. Not aggressively but just like, he's my boyfriend. I can hear you guys talking about me. He's my boyfriend. I know. And she wants to tell you something. Yeah, I'm sorry. No, no, don't let it -- come here. That's what works for us. Hugs, helping us grow spiritually. Why did she get involved? Sometimes you have to step up so that you don't fall back. Do you understand where she's coming from? Absolutely. It offended you? Absolutely. It didn't offend me. It hurt me because that's not what I'm about. What did you want rachel to know about kristen? Look at them. What's different? It's about moving forward. We going to move forward, right? Right. Step forward. One step at a time. One step at a time. That's exactly what they did today. So many people stepped forward against hatred and bigotry, a sermon at the barber shop now ringing through the streets of harlem and beyond. ]

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{"id":21172222,"title":"Interracial Couple Faces Criticism","duration":"3:00","description":"In this \"WWYD\" setup, a bystander offers her advice and a hug.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/interracial-couple-faces-criticism-21172222","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}