Lifeguards Drink Before Hitting the Beach

Will anyone confront lifeguards drinking on duty?
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Lifeguards Drink Before Hitting the Beach
Hi, I'm j.Q., Not to be confused with j-woww, a familiar figure on the jersey shore, home to snooki, that famous phrase, gtl, gym, tan, laundry and even a few housewives. "What would you do?" Hits the boardwalk for fun in the sun jersey shore style. ♪ on the sunny beaches of the jersey shore, these are the real lifeguards who will save your lives. But what if our actors, these two studs, turn out to be drunk duds? our hidden cameras are set up at jimbo's, a boardwalk bar in seaside heights. I'm greg. And I'm max. Today we are the drunk lifeguards. We start rolling. Our lifeguards walk in and they're thirsty. Baby. What's going on? How are you doing. Already this woman can sense that something is just not right. You know what, we need two shots. Yeah. Stat. We only have a couple minutes and we have to get back to work. As the drinks begin to flow, the woman and her friends just cannot look away. One, two, three. On the clock. All right, two more? Did he just say two more? Oh, you're the sweetest. You guys are working? Yeah, we'reworking. You're crazy. No, you're crazy. You're crazy. You're hot. Really? Ch good sir. To what, saving lives. One life at a time. All right. What's the matter. Thank god I can't swim. I hope you're not swimming today. I ain't swimming no day after this morning. Do what you do. What they're doing is drinking right in the middle of their shift and as the shots continue, the women call over the waitress who is really one of our actors. They're getting drunk and saying they're going to save lives after this. No. Clearly these lifeguards won't be saving anybody's life today. Beach patrol, beach patrol, do you hear us? Now I pretend to be the beach patrol. We have a situation over here. We need you guys all hands on deck here. We tell our drunken lifeguards to stumble out and they leave something behind, that walkie. Would you watch that for us. Answer it if anybody calls. Say that you found it. Where are the lifeguards? They was getting drunk and they ran. they were getting drunk? They was getting drunk. They had about five shots and each had three beers. What would you do? What would you do? What did I do? I'm waiting for my food because I'm hungry. This is john quinones with "what would you do?" No. ♪ when I said this is john quinones -- I knew that. Can't nobody say your name like you say your name. Okay? We said, oh, no, that's the real one. We reset the scene and refill the drinks. What will this family do? Yeah. The mother is already watching and even her kids are stealing glances in between their video games. Cheers. To you. They're having shots. We're not going in the water again today. Our lifeguards are getting sloppy. What up? Dude. So clumsy. You can't look bad. You knocked it off the table. But they're not done drinking yet. Ready? It's the shot scene round the bar and if this mother has anything to say about it, it'll soon be the shot scene around the internet. I should video it and text it to 911. You getting this on tape? Are you taking a picture of us? I'm taking pictures of the whole place. ♪ oh, my god. No way. The bottom line is my kids could be on that beach where these lifeguards are supposed to be lifeguarding. ♪ there are plenty of people who just don't know what to say directly. Others are happy to join in on the party. Cheers, guys. Cheers. For saving your lives later. As this drunken day of debauchery comes to an end there's still time for one more drink. And this table already has the attention of our lifeguard. Are you going to go save lives? I don't know if I'd want you to save me? Why not? Because you're getting drunk. These women are ready for a fight. Don't you have a code of ethics that you have to follow as a lifeguard? You're not going to die. Listen, if you were my spinal surgeon, I wouldn't want you to have a few drinks. You're going to save people's lives, you shouldn't be drinking. He switches better when he's intoxicated. I bet you drive better when you're drunk too, right? In your own mind -- we're only having a drink or two. On friday when you get off work and you don't have to work anymore. There's no way. There's nobody in the water. There's no waves? Give me that shot. Give me that shot. If you don't think there's any waves out there then you're already too drunk. Maybe they have had too many. We tell our lifeguards to leave. Why didn't you stop them? I did try to stop them. I can't control them. They're grown men. We don't know what to do now. What would you do? What would you do? I would find them and get a new lifeguard. Oh, no. I love you. You were fired up. I'm a teacher and somebody i work with was drinking on her lunch break and got fired. This hits close to home. Yeah, a little bit. What did you think? I'm used to it. Very outspoken. Confrontational. Outspoken. Not to mention charmi. Yeah. Yeah, it was awkward. And with that our lifeguards stumble out of the bar and return their whistles to the "what would you do?" Props closet leaving the real life saving to the pros. All: "What would you do?"

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{"id":17295942,"title":"Lifeguards Drink Before Hitting the Beach","duration":"3:00","description":"Will anyone confront lifeguards drinking on duty?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/lifeguards-drink-hitting-beach-17295942","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}