Mall Santa Gets Sloshed Before Work

"WWYD": When a little girl wants to meet Santa, who's been drinking at the bar, customers intervene.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Mall Santa Gets Sloshed Before Work
Everyone knows that the real santa is up at the north pole working. Happy holidays! It's almost christmas and children all over the country are waiting for the chance to give saint nick the christmas list. Hi, santa. Can I tell you what I want for christmas? Here we find a shopping mall santa who is getting suited up and ready for his big day. But he's making a slight detour before his shift, right into the black bear saloon in white plains, new york. Santa is sloshed. What would you do? What would you do if you saw this santa on the bar stool next to you? I got to get to work. Our inspiration for this scenario came from a movie and this man picks up on it right away. This has bad santa written all over it. Yep, bad santa with billy bob thornton is a dark comedy about a vulgar santa who spends more time taking shots than spreading holiday cheer. Oh, god. I need a drink. Okay, so santa needs to chill out. But what if suddenly a child comes into the restaurant? We send in diana and ava, actors playing mother and daughter. Who brings a kid to a bar anyway. My job is never done. Excuse me. Is that the real santa. Maybe. Is that a yes or no? I don't know. You got to ask him. Are you the real santa? Yes, I am. You don't seem happy. Santa is a little tired. He's been working all day getting your presents ready. What are you drinking? Magic elf juice. When ava moves to get some one-on-one time with santa, this customer tells mom just how much of that magic elf juice santa has already had. He's sitting here drinking whiskey for like the last 20 minutes straight. What if diana has to go to the ladies room and leaves ava alone with this customer? What will he do now? Is there something wrong with him? I think he's just tired. He had a long day. He's been building toys all day. This is "what would you do" the tv show. What would you thinking? I have a 6-year-old and I was thinking good god, what would i say. A little kid just walked in to get takeout. I'm texting my mom. Can I see that? I'm at the bar getting my dinner takeout and santa is sitting here doing shots of whiskey. He wasn't the only one who was texting as the action unfolded. These women noticed santa's antics from across the bar and were so shocked they had to share it with their friends. I was texting my husband like you will not believe. We were taking videos and pictures. We're so glad we capture a picture of this woman's face as our mom and daughter walk into the bar. Santa! Santa has already been drinking heavily and the look on her face as she tries to warn diana speaks volumes. He's drunk. He's got to go back to work and he's taking shots. When santa takes a tumble, she can't bear to look. Do you think he's going to remember my list? I think you're probably better off sending a letter. Time to say hello. John quinones with "what would you do." How are you? Can you turn around and tell us what you were thinking? I was thinking santa was drunk and, my god. I was pretty weirded out. This next couple is faced with trying to answer the most difficult question of the day. Excuse me, is that the real santa over there? I don't know. I'm not sure. Do you think I could tell him what I want for christmas? She does all she can to keep little ava away from santa. Maybe in a little. I think he's just taking a break. I think you can ask him when he goes back to where he's going to be taking your requests for presents. I want to ask him now. I think he's eating and taking a break. He's a little tired. He had a long day. I can't even go and have a drink in a bar. Just wait until she leaves. Her friend is getting more and more aggravated by our sloshed santa. It's disgusting. When santa leaves without paying his tab, this angry customer is ready to go get him. Did he pay you? No. Want me to get him? No. He just walked out. Doubles? Doubles. He's going to work, too. How do you think he's going to handle the kids? I don't like that. He's going to deal with kids right now. That's scary. It's ridiculous. It is scary. I don't want my kids around anyone like that. Yeah. I need to say something. Well, let's just let him say something to our cameras. Do you know the show "what would you do"? Yeah, I do. Well, you're on it. No way, no way. I was going after that guy. I know. You were a little upset, huh? I took my watch off. Really? Yeah. What were you going to do? I was going to get him. I felt bad he ruined christmas for the little girl. So you were going to -- just talk to his boss. Dude had like ten shots. That's not right. You can't ruin a kid's christmas. I remember being a kid and if somebody did that to me I'd be upset. At the end of the day again and again customers did all they could to reassure little ava that the real santa will still be here for christmas. I don't think that's the real santa. I think he was helping santa. He wasn't one of the good guys. The real santa will be there to bring your presents. You'll meet the real santa. How do you know? Because it's early. It's not christmas yet. Do you think he'll remember what I asked him for christmas? I think he'll know. What's your name? Ava. That's a nice name. Do you think I should still believe in santa and thank you? Of course you should still believe in santa! So we thanked them all and we say good riddance to this santa imposter who is sure to end up on the naughty list.

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{"id":21256057,"title":"Mall Santa Gets Sloshed Before Work","duration":"3:00","description":"\"WWYD\": When a little girl wants to meet Santa, who's been drinking at the bar, customers intervene.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/mall-santa-sloshed-work-21256057","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}