Man Drops Pricey Wine in Store: Will He Pay?

"You broke it, you bought it" may not apply after a man blames others for dropping a 350 bottle.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Man Drops Pricey Wine in Store: Will He Pay?
Oh. You've seen her shatter an expensive vase. Oh! You've seen her ruin a masterpiece. Oh, no. Well, today we're at monroe wine and liquors. Do you have any wine that's good for -- putting our trust back in her hands with a rare bottle of wine. Oh! So excited to break things. I love it. Today she's joined by yuval and the two of them are letting the bottle hit the floor. A prestigious vintage bottle from chateau jean-qeaux. Yours truly, jq and the price tag, a hefty $400. And when vince, the manager returns, who dropped it? It wasn't me. I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't do it. I actually didn't do it. I didn't do it. Will these customers keep their secret? "What would you do?" This is 399. It's very rare. Very expensive. How much? 399. Oh, my ness. It's actually on sale right now. Oh, my gosh. That's right. 399. And this woman is a little uneasy about that price tag. That's insane. I would never, but that's me. I would never open it. It would just be sitting there like -- look at my big very expensive bottle of wine. Want me to show youhe italian -- yeah. And the manager step as way. It's my anniversary. It's not an issue or anything like that. Oh. Oh, my god. You actually broke the chateau jean-qeaux. No, it was sitting right here. A surprising testament from traci but she doesn't blow the whistle. I'm just standing here waiting to pay. Yeah, I was too. I was waiting. But will she change the tune when traci starts blaming her? You might have knocked it over with your elbow? Excuse me? I don't think so. Want to see fingerprints. We'll take fingerprints because I haven't touched it. Somebody broke it. Who broke it. It wasn't me. Even if traci dumping the blame on her, she keeps her secret. Have you ever seen this wine? We try again with actor yuval. Maybe we can share the blame or something. What? And this time -- oh, my god. The truth straight and simple. Who broke this? It wasn't -- it wasn't me. It was him. It was him? Of course, it was him. But yuval sees things a little differently. Maybe your dog jumped on it and hit it. What's your dog's name? It doesn't matter. Blaming a different species. Because the dog can shaking around. No, no, no. It's obvious -- it nothing to do with the dog. And then there's this man. Dude, don't tell him that i dropped it. I mean I didn't drop it. You were holding it. Right away he tells it like it is. Who broke it? He dropped it, man. Fess up. The manager walks away for a second. Hme blame the woman who left. I'm not blaming anybody. Be a man and take responsibility for your mistake. For edwin rodriguez taking responsibility is a sign of character. Why is it important to be honest? What goes around comes around, man. Period. You get what you get. You know what I mean. It's as simple as that. Simple advice. But the bottles keep breaking. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh. Some people just don't want anything to do with it. It slipped. I'm glad I'm not in that mess. Oh, you're not in that mess. But what if instead of simply avoiding blame, they try to blame a worker, a worker who doesn't speak english. nada. What? Aye-yie-yie. maybe I'll say he did it. He works here. They won't charge -- will you cover for me. He pretends to translate blaming everything on antonio. Antonio, was this you? he's saying, I'm sorry, it was all my fault. What will she tell our manager? I was looking -- I didn't see it. You didn't see it? No. She insists she didn't see it. This next man tries to mitigate -- just answer me one question, did he do it, because if he did I got to fire the guy? I don't think he did it. Was it her? I don't know. He did it. He did it. This guy was right here with me and saw him do it. Antonio, you know what -- no, I can't take any chances. I got to let you go. go home. And now the lie has cost antonio his job. Still, all is quiet. Time to break the silence. Boy, you were torn. When they fired him, I felt so guilty leaving and but at the same time I was -- didn't want to be involved in this whole craziness going on. When I left, I was feeling the worst. If you hadn't stopped me i wouldn'tave slept tonight. Just when we thought no one would stand up for our latino worker, this woman walks in. Wow! How much is yours? 12.99. 9.99.10. 40 bottles of her wine for -- oh, no. -- Broken chateau jean-qeaux. He doesspeak english, why don't I put the blame on him. I'm not saying anything. I'm not getting involved, lady. I'm sorry. Not getting involved? Watch what happens when vince returns. He was saying, yes, I did it. I know anish. I was standing right here and I saw it fall out of your hand. She's blaming this poor guy. If it's him I'm going to fe him. Now georgia manageen did what so many others did not. She steps in. You're not going to fire him. No, it was not him. Don't sit there and fire him. She wanted to blame him. I said I'm not going to blame that guy for something he doesn't do. She may be a saint but even saints have their limits. How about we just split it? I'm not going to split with you. It wasn't my fault. What are you crazy. Before anything else gets broken here it's time to introduce myself. And this is "what would you do?." Oh. Are you okay? Your message to people who witness something like this -- just stick to the truth. Don't let someone push you into blaming someone else for something you didn't do. Thth my heart wouldn't let me. We lost 20 good bottles of chat to jean-queax. It's time to crack one open the right way and share a toast. "What would you do?."

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{"id":17468904,"title":"Man Drops Pricey Wine in Store: Will He Pay?","duration":"3:00","description":"\"You broke it, you bought it\" may not apply after a man blames others for dropping a 350 bottle.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/man-drops-pricey-wine-store-pay-17468904","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}