Man Embarrassed by Waiter After Card Declined

Customers offer to help out a man on a first date in this "WWYD" scenario.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Man Embarrassed by Waiter After Card Declined
New fast acting advil. Look for it in the white box. A first date. Have you ever been here? No. It looks awesome. Ready? Let's go. He's making all the right moves. The chiflry is out in full force and he's sparing no expense. What should we get? Anything you want. Love is in the air. Should we get dessert? Let's get two. At the sky lark diner, time to pay the check and take this date elsewhere. There is just one problem. Sir, your card is declined. I just got paid today. It's friday. It got declined three times. Our man about town has overestimated how much money he has on that credit card and there is no escaping from our waiter jeremy. Little advice from me to you. If you saw this man embarrassed and desperately looking for a way to salvage his date -- it must be embarrassing for you. What would you do? Dude, thank you so much, man, appreciate it. Thank you. The dessert is on us. It's your first date. I wanted you to get off to a good start. Thanks, man. Free dessert, seems like the end of a perfect first meal. What about the rest of the tab? Do you have a different card? This was actually declined. Maybe try it one more time? He can try all he wants. There is something a little off about that credit card? Bro, second time is a loser, man. Declined. No, I got it. Can I watch you do it? Can you watch me do it? Now our waiter has had enough? Are you guys scamming me? Of course not. We just met. Subway sandwiches. This is my first date. You got about three minutes to figure it out. The next stop is the police. Can I leaf my license. I'm going to get my wallet. That's right. He and his dad are going to pick up the tab. Have you heard anything like that before? You don't have to do that. This is so embarrassing. I'm so sorry. This is by far my worst date ever. I can imagine. Now you get to turn it around. It builds character. Nice gesture. Time to introduce ourselves. He was an actor. Awesome. This hat looks ridiculous. I'm sitting here with my son. I'm thinking back to his mother and all that. Rinaldi catches a break and it's not the only time. Calmly and deliberately this man sits our actor down. No, no, sit down. . What do you need? It's $37 plus tip. I don't want to -- I'm so embarrassed right now. Behind on the card or something? You don't know? This has never happened before in my life. Go enjoy your date. Go a good thing for somebody else. Good advice for the next time. Today rinaldi has zero cash and a credit card that keeps getting rejected. I can go to the bank real quick. Sir, I can't let you leave the restaurant. You need to pay for your bill. I need to go to the rest room quickly. Come on, man. Figure it out. I'll be back. He's up against the wall. Left to beg, but now good will is out the door. Couple of bucks to help out possibly. I'm sorry, no cash. Strike one. A couple of bucks? No. Strike two. We heard your situation but i don't have any cash on me. I'm really sorry. Strike three. His date is so upset she's out of there. Can I have my coat. Thank you. Did she leave? Yeah. I would have left you, too. Turns out this crowd has very little sympathy for him. You felt for the girl? Yes. Wouldn't she have some liability for the tab? It's their first date. He should be responsible. I told the girl she should run now. That's not very nice for the poor guy. No love for rinaldi. We see it over and over again. Boyfriend? It's my first date. Is this your last one? What should I do. I would pick up your stuff and leave. Again rinaldi finds himself penniless and alone. Is this your first date really? Yeah. It's your last, I hate to tell you. I don't want it to be my last. Are you getting it figured out, bro? You're a loser, man. You're on a first date. You always carry 100 bucks in your wallet, man. I told him he has to do the dishes f an hour. Tell you what, I'll buy your dinner if you work for me for four hours. How does that sound? Four hours? That's embarrassing. Put it on. You're working. Let's go. Let's go inside. We step in before rinaldi gets his hands too dirty. Oh, my god, I can't believe this. Hello. We were just going to talk, we should pay his bill. My mom always said if you can't pay your bill you're going in the back and washing the dishes until you pay it off. There is no time to be old-fashioned here. He's got a bill to pay. Are you sure I can't go to the -- I'm absolutely positive. Five minutes. Is there an atm in here? There is no atm in here. Figure it out. It's okay. This man has it all figured out for you. How much does that man owe? 37. Figured out right down to the dollar. 37. I'll give you $37. I don't need a tip. I just don't want to buy his lunch. Listen, man. He just offered to buy your meal. It's your first date. I'll buy you your meal. Actually, the meal is on us. My god! Are you okay? No. We kicked each other under the table and we are think here we are married 31 years, our first date is a long time ago and I figured it's a nice couple, help them out. With no cash. No cash, no secondary card. I told her to make it her last date. I need some gas money. My tank is empty. 15 bucks. That will get me home. Maybe he's not that generous. Besides someone needs to show rinaldi the ropes on his new job. You're doing a good job, bro. What did you learn today? Always bring cash on the

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{"id":21172264,"title":"Man Embarrassed by Waiter After Card Declined","duration":"3:00","description":"Customers offer to help out a man on a first date in this \"WWYD\" scenario.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/man-embarrassed-waiter-card-declined-21172264","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}