Mom Forces Underage Daughter to Tan

Will salon patrons speak up for a fair-skinned girl who resists her mother's tan-crazy pressure?
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Mom Forces Underage Daughter to Tan
Bronzed and beautiful. No wonder every year tens of thousands of people flocking to tanning salon and some local law and people and general like fatter. Despite the dangers of excessive. We've all heard of people who take it more. I didn't fan my whole life. Who can forget that -- in New Jersey who burned herself into our memory last year. All the Patricia -- denies it authorities say she put her underage daughter and attending -- Which raises the -- How far is too far. That's why we're here with the Boca -- -- and Huntington New York. Did not look healthy until you like it or not. We cast an actress just as pale as the little girl in the headlines. Was -- -- her mom trying to force her to get it. Will anyone stop her. Our hidden cameras are -- and these. -- -- in the end and one hanging the end that's coming in Kankakee crate and into. I value of your personal passions first thing I did you know I don't have yeah I'm looking your PC right. -- it's clear -- are paying close attention. Apparently he said look at these powerful form of great. Ukraine. There is smiling now but wait just a second you just looks sickly she desperate need of a town yeah I think she's. Yeah. Forget the Montana -- can't believe what she's hearing all. But our moms can isn't just hand it's also fit. I actually at a trying to help her out in England. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After hearing insult after insult. The girls switched tactics and start trying to build up at least confidence now woods -- compliment after another. -- -- -- like a man and you did us how amazing how. Yeah. Sex comes out about her -- still thumbs down unless she attends that when -- get -- -- girl's hand and when our mom leaves get ready to go in there the girls sit in stunned silence. -- it's. He's sorry. Time to step dad and tell them they wrong. -- You -- with a girl. I -- so instead. And parents should not endeavour's heat she -- live children like and really -- -- defends. -- -- every chance she. Pretty impressive so far but if you think everyone will be on Al east side can take it. Again after all we -- and that. My -- Yeah she should be grateful right yeah. And if your mother got intense fashions. -- All day long we hear young women saying the same thing. Even when our actress Natalie expresses her concern. And credit permanent good and it didn't -- Some votes still to -- didn't go right ahead from the -- It's relaxing and she thinks I'm a Democrat -- I had no one homes. Something beautiful. We're beginning to think no one else will take on our pushy mom. He can't at all I don't they're -- hearing. Actually she's not over expose -- in these tanning beds can be dangerous. And then we meet this woman can get cancer from ten -- If looks could kill. Look at this woman -- here she's beautiful. But for this woman and being called beautiful. Is the last brawl. I would never. It's something none of the -- and yet our mom Jerusalem stop. Well I just think that she would look more beautiful with a tan regional nations to help these. -- You can see Q when -- come after going in there. -- As our mom walks away missy Y horn just has to say something to our -- and actress. Yeah. -- having me. But our mom keeps pushing now literally. Pulling her daughter into the tanning bed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And of course reactors have been getting all their information or misinformation. From us -- yeah. Time to remove things. Felt like I was holding myself back because we're in the tanning salon you. Spoke up absolutely because they are dangerous and she isn't very fair skinned. She's got lifetime sentence is everything that the doctors -- all to be carefully. So whether it be in the sun. We're here. -- -- Throughout the day we heard all kinds of -- so thinking. But the best advice of all was pretty simple. Learn. Before you burn.

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{"id":17468864,"title":"Mom Forces Underage Daughter to Tan","duration":"3:00","description":"Will salon patrons speak up for a fair-skinned girl who resists her mother's tan-crazy pressure?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/mom-forces-underage-daughter-tan-17468864","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}