Parents Push Daughter to Get Boob Job

Plastic surgery for teens is less stigmatized, but onlookers defy parents in "WWYD" scenario.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Parents Push Daughter to Get Boob Job
Test She just found the perfect gown for her high school graduation party. I love it. You do love it, don't you? Oh, pretty. But mom isn't wowed at all. This does not flatter you at all. It's not the style or the color she has a problem with. There's something missing. You're just flat. You have no breasts whatsoever. But mom has a solution. I think we really need to revisit the idea of implants. Girls as young as high school now going under the knife. We told you about this teenager on "20/20." And believe it for not some parents are happy to help. When you graduate, congratulations, you got a boob job. This mother hounded her 14-year-old to get breast implants just like the girl's older sisters. So far, the 14-year-old says, no way. Imi'm not getting implants. So what would you do you saw this? You got my face but you certainly didn't get my figure, that's for sure. Our hidden cameras are set up at diane & company. I'm michelle and I'm playing mom. I'm heather and I'm playing the daughter. With our actors miked up and ready to go, we start rolling. These two women are here to pick up a dress. Hidden cameras on. My daughter is trying on dresses. She just graduated. Oh. We're having a big party for her. She got into college so we're so excited. To berkeley. Awesome. The dressing room door opens. Hi. And the compliments begin. Oh. You look so pretty. Thank you. The women may be impressed, but our mother isn't. You don't like it? The color or the -- too flat up on top. Just get little inserts. I don't know cups -- I think it's beyond that. Wow. Mom, is it that bad? I think we should talk about the implants definitely. Implants? The women are shocked. It'll be our gift to you instead of the car to get the implants. Oh, my good. I'd so rather have the car. She wants the car but our mom prefers surgery. You look like you're a 5 and you could be a 10. That's all I'm saying. The women don't know what to say and our critical mother just won't let up so we tell her to leave for a moment and the second she's gone -- I think you look very pretty and if you're a 5, I would be a 5 any frickin day of the week. My grandmother still loved me. All she ever used to do was call me fat. I'm beautiful. I would take you over me any day of the week. This is the like the happiest time of your life. The women have done a great job of bolstering our daughter's self-esteem but what advice do they have for our mother when she returns. Do you believe this girl, though? She's so sweet. So sweet. But her chest is so -- yeah, but maybe she's not old enough for it yet. My grandmother used to push me. I would do the opposite just because she was pushing me to do so. So I should tell her I love her chest. No. Don't lie. Time to tell them the truth. Hi, ladies. Oh, my god. Of course. This cannot be happening. What were you thinking. If you think enhancement is going to make you feel better you should do it but you should do it because you want to. Not because you're being pushed into it. We reset the scene and our breast-obsessed mom is back at it. It would be perfect if you had boobs. This mother and daughter are taking it in. I think we really need to talk about those implants. Stop it. Let's go next week. We'll go for the consultation next week. I'm not going. But they won't say anything. I'll see if they have that in another color. Did you push yourself up in the dress a little bit. I tried. Strapless dresses are hard. Push them up as far as you can. The problem is beyond pushing. Moms are fun, right? Hey. You got a nice personality. Would you get them if your mom told you too to? No, I'd get a breast reduction. Hi, girls. Oh, hi. Lisa schultz is about to get married. She knows that moms can be tough. It wasn't like from this evil place. Sometimes what makes you happy doesn't make your child happy. But come on. Isn't our mom's reaction based on the worlde live in. Think julia roberts in the movie "erin brockovich." What makes you think you can just walk in there -- they're called boobs. Yes, they can make a ditches. Does it open doors? Don't tell me it doesn't because it does. It sounds like you're pushing her to do something that she's really not okay with. What if we swap out our actors. I'm drew and today I'm playing the dad. Just fill out a little better. Does father know best? Can I be honest? You don't seem to fill it out. I'm talking about breast implants. It's not the end of the world. This real-life mom wastes no time telling our father to back off. Look, every girl is different and you know what, you're beautiful. You're beautiful. But you should get a dress that enhances that beauty. And makes you look bigger on top. Forget about the bigger on top. Well, I mean am I right or I'm wrong. No, we don't -- I don't care if she wears a turtleneck. What about that college in sunny california, won't looks matter there to the boys? She's going to berkeley in california. I mean, look at her. She's got a lot of competition out there. A lot of competition? No, there's competition waiting for her. You're going to knock them dead. She won't back down. I feel like I'm on a "what would you do?" Type situation. The scene right now. do? Do you want to go with me. They give you a situation like what would you do, would you sit here quietly and knowing me I'd butt in. I'm john quinones. Hi. I watch you every friday night. This is great. It's terrible to have to worry about boobs. Your advice to men like that or mothers? Oh, let your kids grow up healthy and happy and not worry about those things.

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{"id":17523328,"title":"Parents Push Daughter to Get Boob Job","duration":"3:00","description":"Plastic surgery for teens is less stigmatized, but onlookers defy parents in \"WWYD\" scenario. ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/parents-push-daughter-boob-job-17523328","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}