What Would You Do?: Pharmacy Freeloader

A woman gargles and brushes her teeth with items she hasn't bought in this "WWYD" scenario.
5:52 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for What Would You Do?: Pharmacy Freeloader
Fifth. They're the most personal items at a pharmacy. -- you certainly don't wanna buy them. Whereas south orange pharmacy in New Jersey and inside Iraq -- -- As well. Flying out everything inside. What would you do if you witnessed this. This customers immediately notice fast. It's time parents and wastes no time alerting the manager yeah. -- -- -- 50%. -- this of course he's also an actor working with us. You've seen -- -- I've been accused her without -- thing. He may not -- she can. End here she goes and. -- can be used alone this stuff -- Didn't back. We're naming three pitches from state -- opened and pressured teachers can expect. How life -- hinted that infectious agent she just won't back down. Consumer news best kiss didn't give him. And it spread fast but I music and stated -- -- -- it's a little but it only loses its special little. That's -- -- coming here to try before you -- Try it before your client. She's not buying Tracy's routine 12 longer time to give -- a sample of our own. A judge can be honest this is what would you do I don't really -- You blew the whistle on her welfare society the Kyoto that when she did that it -- Good Jessica but definitely absolutely and distribute -- -- We -- the scene again and this time Tracey asks for a little advice. He's a medium are hard to only one millennium mediums not yet -- access sensitive. Like I have to try to. -- Gay rights and -- And she doesn't stop there mouth -- And deodorant -- wasted so much money. Like -- thanks and it's like to be sure what do you wanna try not good good -- The woman leaves with not a single word to Tracy or the store manager. Another good. -- -- -- -- -- -- What did you think of that unit were very helpful to open its supersede academics and repeated places -- it -- -- back on the counter that was -- take that home. That if it. Throughout the day hours shameless -- continues to test out products and one -- into another customer's sound the alarm. And assures me. If her sister always easy to spot tells -- written about what it -- and national -- illness. So far Tracy has gotten very little sympathy here after all that is he has -- -- -- our final customer of the day. This time Tracy pretends she's at a loss. With the loss. What do you think it is false reports again I don't even know how to do it. But we're rooting through. -- and hurt. Can hurt now. And now Tracey returns home loss to the shelves one of the world is he thinking. I tried out -- -- -- taste you can either be staying. -- -- -- Finally he just has to say something. It's. Oh yes but I just -- one lost legs accidentally. Broke the -- queen -- -- police well it seems like today we need is. -- also. What's going on. I think -- I just nothing here over the period. Drink -- we're pretty well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Traci leads what -- -- saying now. So did you. Actually wore us yeah. Sort of -- I don't buy that did she is anything else not them but you -- this is it's -- I have a crazy situation happen. Well this. Crazy kids just what would you do. This is part of a TV show she was an actress we're wondering who would speak up what is the moral of the story. To overlook -- -- drink at at a bar. Itself. I just don't do that. At the end of the day Tracy opened fantastic. Female samples to build two shopping bag. But don't worry you won't see them at your local store she took them home making out like real --

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{"id":19352769,"title":"What Would You Do?: Pharmacy Freeloader","duration":"5:52","description":"A woman gargles and brushes her teeth with items she hasn't bought in this \"WWYD\" scenario.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/pharmacy-freeloader-19352769","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}