'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: The All-American Burger

"Why don't you go somewhere like Taco Bell?" a man asks a woman with a Latino accent.
3:00 | 05/06/15

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: The All-American Burger
Reporter: We're in springfield, missouri, and today, we brought along a letter from one of our loyal viewers. When I was about 7 years old, my mother was verbally attacked while speaking spanish to a friend. Reporter: Discrimination against hispanics. It happens all too afternoon. Take the case of sebastian de la cruz. Last week in texas. After singing the national anthem during the nba finals, ugly tweets flew, saying that sebastian, born in san antonio, must not be an american. One tweet read, "this kid is mexican. Why is he singing the national anthem? You're not american, go home." What do you say to people who have such hatred in their hearts? Well, to the people that do have hay treld in their hearts, I just want to tell people, they should think before they say things. Reporter: Sebastian speaks and sings in fluent english. But what if you have trouble speaking the language? We set up our control room at the springfield brewing company. How will people react when they witness a hispanic mother and her young daughter, confronted by intolerance? You don't speak american? Reporter: Jeremy is an actor. Why don't you go somewhere like taco bell, where they speak spanish. Reporter: Alexandria speaks fluent english. Butch not her mom. What would you do? Probably -- oh, oh, the all-american berger. A big kid burger -- Reporter: With that, jeremy's ugly stares turn into ugly words. This is america. Use english. All american burger. Burger. You don't deserve an all american burger. Maybe all mexican burger. Reporter: Immediately, this woman is off to find the manager. The guy over there, being really ruled to a little girl who is speaking spanish. He's like, this is america. Reporter: Meanwhile, jeremy turns to young alexandria. Listen, young lady, why don't you take your momma to taco bell. Buy the number one, two, three, six. Sir, sir, please. God loves them as much as he loves. Well, he'd love them a lot better if they were in their own country. That's all I'm saying. Reporter: By now, both tables surrounding a mother and daughter have spoken to the manager. But for these two women, that's not enough. We have spoken to the manager and they're going to do something about this, okay? Sorry you guys had to deal with that. You okay? Reporter: Hi. As we head in to introduce ourselves, both jill holt and her daughter are in tears. Well, she's going to italy in a month and I thought, my gosh, I couldn't handle it if you were treated like that. Reporter: You said you're okay, you're an american. Yeah. And she's an american, too. She deserves to be in the country just like everybody else. Reporter: Even our actress, lorraine rodriguez, is touched. You were in tears. Being that my mother came here, she encountered the same thing, but there was no one to step in for her. To have you step in is a bit emotional. Reporter: But today, so many people are acting like family. Ice, ice. Miss, miss -- excuse me. If you can't order in english -- she's trying to order, man, chill out. Why don't you just eat your chips and salsa and chill out. That's ironic, isn't it? I guess it ain't toot late for cinco de mayo. What's your problem, man? They take our jobs and they don't have -- what are they doing to you? What are they doing to you, right now? If you've got an opinion like that, keep it to yourself. This is america, right, so, they should speak american. Nope. And it's english, not american. What do you mean? The language is english, not american. Reporter: Our mother steps away and that's when jeremy, once again, goes just too far. Hey, sweetheart, you -- you should teach your momma how to speak english. Hey. You know -- bro. She doesn't need your advice. If you've got anything to say, don't -- not right to a little kid, all right? Why are you defending these Sit down, man. Take a seat. For real. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. She speaks english, just, she has an accent. Right now, don't worry about it. And if he says something again, then we got your back. We got your back. We gotcha. Reporter: They got her back. And jeremy has had enough. Miss, you can cancel my order. I ain't sitting around here with a bunch of foreigners. Some day, they're going to take over our country. You're going to think of this moment -- you are a very ignorant person, bud. See you later. Mark my words. Reporter: We're rolling one last time. Five hours because you can't read the menu. Well, I understand, but -- when you go to another country, they're learning. They're going to try. Reporter: It turns out this family, like all of us, has an immigration story of their own. Because her grandfather he did come over, he worked hard to learn english. But he spoke english. No, when he came over, he did not know one word of english. We are a country of people from all around the world. You really believe that? Yes, I really do believe that. I believe that, too. It's the land of opportunity. Really? Yeah, really. Seriously. She look american? She look american? Oh, heaven forbid. What does an american look like? You're not native american. If you were, you wouldn't look white. I'm leaving. I'm leaving. Foreigners have ruined the whole country. Reporter: And now, a kind invitation for our spanish-speaking mother and daughter. Would you want to join us for lunch? See if there's a table -- okay. Reporter: It's a touching moment. Time to pull a few more chairs up to the table. I'm john quinones and this is the tv show "what would you do?" They're actors. You are still in tears. What are you thinking? This is a country full of people that come from all over the world. We accept people for who they are. Reporter: If you don't like the fact they speak another language? That's absurd. Reporter: Throughout the day, so many people stood up and answered that all-american question. What would you do?

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{"id":19461317,"title":"'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: The All-American Burger","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Why don't you go somewhere like Taco Bell?\" a man asks a woman with a Latino accent.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/route-66-american-burger-19461317","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}