'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Dine and Dash

In Oklahoma, how did race affect people's reactions to kids skipping the bill?
3:00 | 05/06/15

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Dine and Dash
You guys ready for the dine and dash? All right, lucille's roadhouse, that's the next stop. Dine and dash! Dine and dash! Dine and dash! Woo! Reporter: Lucille's roadhouse. It's been here since 1927. But until now, they've never seen anything like "what would you do?" So, come on inside, let's see what we find. What will people here do when three broke roadtrippers -- this is a dine and dash, gentlemen. Reporter: -- Leave our waitress stuck with the tab? Where'd they go? It's a classic road trip. It's a classic restaurant. We're on route 66. We only get to do this once, right? I just got my license. I'm ready to go. How do we go about this? He'll pretend he's going to the bathroom. I'll pretend like I'm going to get something from the car. And when no one's looking we just go. Reporter: Our waitress, who, of course, is an actress, brings a check. Here's your check. Reporter: The boys can't cash. We're not paying for this. We can't. We have no money. Already, ready? 30 seconds. Reporter: The other diners just watch them leave. They left. What do you mean? As in, out the door. I can't believe this. I think they thought it was funny. Dine and dash! Dine and dash! Woo! Reporter: All right, we're rolling again. What are these? Corn nuggets. I threw them on the house for you guys. Oh. Taking care of you. Thank you. You're welcome. Wow, dude, she's so nice and then we're going to steal from her? Listen, here's the plan. You're going to go first. I'm going to videotape it because this is youtube worthy kind of stuff. It is recording? Yeah. Okay, cool. Reporter: What they record -- let's go. Reporter: Is another clean getaway. They're leaving. What? See that white car? Oh, my god. I'm going to be in so much trouble. We'll pay for it. Don't worry about it, we got it. Are you serious? Yeah, we'll pay it. I promise. Why would you do that for someone you don't even know? Because that's wrong. You don't do that. Reporter: Actually -- hi, we're paying for it. I'm john quinones and it's "what would you do?" The tv show. How are you doing? Oh, my gosh. I just thought I was being nice to that girl. I felt so bad for her. Reporter: So far, no one has confronted our dashers directly. Nobody got up and ran. Reporter: That's right. Shame on us. Reporter: But what if we change our actors' race? Now we bring odiseas, jasper and michael along for the ride. What do you think people will do? You ordered food for ten people. So what? You don't pay in a dine and dash. You can't just leave without paying the check. Yes, we can. We eat and we run out of here. That's it. It's easy, man. Eat and run. Reporter: Now, this man wastes no time alerting the manager. Them three colored kids are talking about dining and dashing. Y'all don't forget where you're at. This ain't new york. Let's get out of here. Where did they go? They dined and dashed. Unbelievable. Not really. What did you tell them? I think they figured out they shouldn't be messing with a white redneck in a restaurant full of white people in weatherford, oklahoma. Just call the cops. They'll catch up to them. I mean, you can't miss three colored kids and one of them has a big old afro. Reporter: And now he can't miss our cameras, either. I'm john quinonquinones. You're the newsman. Why y'all sitting with me? Reporter: Because we're doing a show about kids that dine and dash. Oh, dude. Come on, man. Reporter: You didn't like what they were doing. No. We don't like that kind of stuff out here. We're simple. Reporter: You kind of put them in their place, right? I tried. Reporter: And beyond that, you couldn't do anymore. Well, I couldn't go sit on them. I mean, they're not my kids. Couldn't tie them up. Reporter: If these had been white kids doing this -- I'd have done the same thing. I don't care what color your skin is. Reporter: The guys leave our waitress holding the tab once again. So they just ran out? Yeah. Reporter: And this man rushes in to help, in record time. Ma'am? Ma'am. I will pick up their tab so you don't get in trouble, okay? Really? I got it. Thank you so much. Reporter: Turns out his rescue reflex was refined at the rodeo. We grew up rodeoing. And you never rodeo alone. I think there needs to be more of that, you know? Reporter: And you learn to look out for each other. Exactly. You always got to have somebody help pull your rope. You always got to help, have loaded. Reporter: All right, we're about to roll it one more time. It's a rite of passage. We're only 16 once. No one's going to stop us. Reporter: And they're right. No one stops them. Let's go. See you later. See you later. Reporter: But watch now, as the entire restaurant rallies around our swindled waitress. Thank you. Reporter: She winds up with more than double the boys' tab. How much is it? Oh, my gosh, $20, $40.100, yeah. 150. Reporter: Guys, I have a confession to make. I wanted to give you your money back because the television show on abc "what would you do?" With john quinones -- he's right there. Reporter: How are you doing? You never thought we'd be here. No, in weatherford? No. Reporter: You took up a collection of sorts. Yeah. I felt bad for her. Yeah. Reporter: What does that say about the folks from oklahoma? We're good folks. It's a great state. Next -- she's a route 66 runaway. All alone, but not for long. Your momma know where you are? No. I ran away from home. I'm going to california. Take you all the way there. How old are you? 16. So, who tells the creepy trucker to go truck himself? Will you just go get in your truck and go? When we come back.

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{"id":19461441,"title":"'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Dine and Dash","duration":"3:00","description":"In Oklahoma, how did race affect people's reactions to kids skipping the bill?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/route-66-dine-dash-19461441","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}