'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Runaway

In the heartland, bystanders showed heart when faced with a story of a runaway girl.
3:00 | 05/06/15

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Runaway
Reporter: It's a shocking truth. Every year, more than a million kids run away from home. And in the town we're in now, their own tragedy. Jaray wilson, just 16 years old, has been missing for months. Investigators are looking at her disappearance as a possible case of human trafficking. Reporter: We pulled over at lucille's roadhouse, right off route 66 in weatherford, oklahoma, to take on an all-too familiar scenario. Do you know where the nearest bus stop is? Reporter: Paulina is an actor, stepping into the role of a runaway. Short on money, she finds herself in a dangerous situation. Jeremy, posing as a trucker, will stop at nothing to take advantage of our trusting teenaged girl. John, ready? Reporter: Okay, we're rolling now. The stakes are high and our hidden cameras are rolling. Excuse me. Is there a bus stop around here, do you know? We don't have a bus stop anymore. There is no bus stop? How can I get to -- like, I am going to california. How do I get -- I can help you out. Reporter: Jeremy seizes the opportunity. You're going to california? Yeah. I'm going to california. Take you all the way there. How old are you? I am 16. 16? Your momma know where you are? No, I ran away from home. You did? Reporter: These men are keeping a watchful eye. She's probably worried about you. Yeah, but -- tell you what, I'll buy you lunch and after that, I'll take you all the way there. I really can't afford to pay you anything. You don't need to pay me. Your smile's payment enough. Thank you. I'm going to wash my hands. You all right? Reporter: With a plan in mind, this man turns to his waitress, who is also one of our actresses. This young lady is going to riding with him, and she doesn't have any money. I'm just a bit wary, so I'm going to give her my phone number and some money. Okay. If you have any problems, call me. Thank you so much. I can't take it -- take it. Reporter: Our trucker is back now and he's ready to go. All right, pretty lady, let's do this. I got my truck pulled around back. Come on. Let's go. I don't know. What's the matter? Maybe I should go home. We've got her a ride, sir. She's good. I got a ride for her. She needs to be going in the other direction. She knows it. Let's go. It's going to be a good time. Let's go. Sir? She's only 16. You need to go on. Just trying to help. I know. So am i. I'm trying to get her home to her mother. You're taking her in the opposite direction. I'm not going to go. All right. You have had your chance. Your loss, pretty lady. Reporter: His mission -- accomplished. We're rolling again and jeremy wastes no time. Folks know where you are? I ran away from home. I'd be happy to give you a lift and buy you lunch. Reporter: We send jeremy away, and this man decides to speak up. Do your folks know where you are? No? Are you 16? That's awful young. He seems really nice. I should don't with him, or -- I don't know. I have known him as long as you have. That's a dangerous way to travel. Reporter: He knows it's dangerous. What will he do? I am all settled up, and i got some to-go food. Okay. Let's get going. Reporter: And just like that, jeremy is out the door with paulina. I got his picture. Me, too. Did you? Reporter: But as it turns out, the men were doing a little bit of detective work. Is everything okay? That guy's creepy, man. Yeah. I didn't like the way he took her hand out of here. He's wanting to do something bad to her, I think. We can find out what truck he's in. Reporter: Fearing the worst, they decide to take action. She shouldn't be dressed like that out hitchhiking. Reporter: How are you doing, sir? Time for us to introduce ourselves. This is a tv show. "What would you do?" What were you thinking? I was thinking we need to call the police and get the truck stopped and my friend went out to get the tag number on the track. Reporter: But the fact is, if he had left with her, he could be long gone. We done our best, I guess, probably could have done more, but bringing that all on at once, you don't really know what to do. Reporter: So, you took a picture? Yeah. Reporter: That theme continued throughout the day. People snapping pictures for police. Let's get on the road. Reporter: While paulina walks away. I'm going to california. I'd take you there. Reporter: And then we meet this woman. How old are you? 16. Pretty young to be that far away from home. Yeah. Where do you live? From missouri. You better go back home. You're old enough to know what you want to do. You're a grown woman. That's what I told my mom. Don't you go nowhere on me. Reporter: We send our trucker away. What will these strangers do now? How did you get all the way over here? Took a bus and then I walked and then -- are you going to cry? You can come over here if you want. Thank you. I'm just really scared to call my mom because if I call her she's really going to freak out. How long have you been gone? Like, four days. Honey, your mom's already freaked out. I know. It will be okay. What do you think I should do? Because he does seem like a nice man. Even though -- no. No. A stranger does not pick up a young girl and just be nice. You leave this place with him and you may never be seen again. Alive. Reporter: Jeremy returns to find paulina highly guarded. Everything's changed. She's not going. I got my truck all ready. Well, you just go get in your truck and go. You're not taking this girl off to california. That's where she wants to go. It's not legal for a man to pick up a 16-year-old girl. I'm just trying to give her a ride. Reporter: Martha and david are not about to let our actress go. Sweetheart -- this is martha and this man is trying to coerce a 16-year-old girl to get into his semitruck with him. Would you please get somebody down here -- you got a lot of nerve. Oh yeah? You bet you. We've already saved a few. We're going to save this one. That son of a -- is after you, baby. Thank you, thank you. You're fine. Thank you. Reporter: How are you doing, ma'am? My name is john quinones. You're not getting my girl. Reporter: I don't think I am. All right, paulina. What's going on. Reporter: We do a show called "what would you do?" Well, this is what I would do. Reporter: You are amazing. How could I ever go to sleep again if I watched this little girl walk out the door with that man? I had a daughter that ran away when she 16 years old and i didn't hear from her for six months. Every night I went to bed wondering, is this going to be the night they come knock on my door to identify her body? Dre wilson is gone from this town and nobody knows where she's at. If somebody has seen something and did something maybe one of those kids wouldn't be where they're at right now. Tell your kids that you love them. Show your kids that you love them. No matter what. Week.

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{"id":19461565,"title":"'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Runaway","duration":"3:00","description":"In the heartland, bystanders showed heart when faced with a story of a runaway girl.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/route-66-teen-runaway-trouble-19461565","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}