'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Sweet Tea Swindlers

In Texas, what happens when a pint-size Bonnie and Clyde "cheat" their customers?
3:00 | 05/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Sweet Tea Swindlers
Reporter: The wild west -- where anything goes. Forget about bonnie and clyde. Beware nicolette and anthony. Wanted for crimes of the sugary sort. They put on their kicks and brought new tricks to the big texan in amarillo, texas, where our kiddei criminals are swapping sour lemons and selling sweet tea. Sweet tea! That's $30. Reporter: What would you do if you were face to face with two of the sweetest swindlers in the lone star state? Howdy y'all? Would you like me to take your picture? Reporter: She ropes these girls right in. There you go. Come on over and check it out. What would you like? Tea, fresh bakedcookies? I don't have any cash. We take credit. You do? I'll take a sweet tea then. Okay. So, you wasn't the same thing? Reporter: Two sweet teas? These girls better brace themselves. It is good. Reporter: Not so fast, partner. Here comes the rub. That's $60. Plus $5 for the picture. 65. Oh. That's funny. 65? It's $1 for the sweet tea, right? A dollar for this glass. 10? The umbrella is $10, the straw is $10. Reporter: Remember that picture nicolette so kindly took? There's a charge for that. The picture I took was $5. You didn't tell us that at all. Well, you didn't ask. Well, it says sweet tea $1. That's for the cup. We didn't know that. You guys -- we just thought this all came together. But the sign says it. Read the fine print. Right down there. Prices may vary. Reporter: The fine print? Ah. There it is. Guys, that's not very nice. Yeah. We can't spend $65. I think you guys should tell -- Reporter: Hold your horses. Let's go. We do have something to tell you. It's -- hi -- "what would you oh, my gold, a setup? You think we're unkind? I felt so bad! Reporter: It's sweet tea time again. Yeah. Straw? Yes, sir. You want a napkin with that? Oh, yeah. So, it's $25. And $5 for the -- that's not okay. 1 for the tea. Yeah, no, but -- that's this cup. Well, that's what -- what country are you from? Sweden. Yeah, see, we're from new york and this is new york prices. That's not the way to do business. Reporter: About professor and class is in session. That's not the way you do business. You never keep your customers. Times are rough in america. No way I'm paying $30 for a cup of tea. Come back! Okay, okay. Reporter: For our tiny wan wannabe tycoons. Will anybody pony up? It doesn't look like it. 20. What? 20. Okay, that will be $20. Very funny. Check the sign. You didn't read the fine print. Prices may vary, right there? Our prices just vary. 16. For this? Can I give it back? Reporter: Cha-ching. At last, a sale. We're making some money. 16. Reporter: It's our final scene and this time, I've got a birds eye view. Come try our tea! It's so good! I made it myself. Even I'm drinking it. And I'm not supposed to do that. We accept credit cards, checks. Such a cutie. A fudge and a tea. Just a fudge and a tea. That's $20. 2? 20. For this? Oh, it's going to be $5 for the umbrella, too, so, that's $25. Yeah, right. Sir, what's so funny? I don't understand. What is so funny? You touched it and you ate the fudge. We can't get it back. We accept checks or credit cards. It's not funny. Don't make my sister cry. Every tear you drop, I give you a dollar. Drop 25 tears. Sir, it's really -- seriously, it's $25. Are you serious? Are you serious? It's really $25. Sir, this is not a joke. If you keep laughing, we're going to charge you extra. Reporter: Before they all go broke, it's time to let them in on our joke. There's a new sheriff in town. It's "what would you do?" The tv show. I thought she had a big personality she's so adorable. I was line, give her $20. Reporter: Just for the personality? Just for the personality, yeah. How many people have been suckered into this? Reporter: We wouldn't call it suckered in. How many people paid $20 for a piece of fudge? Reporter: By the end of the day, our budding billionaires had scammed $59. Of course, we gave it right back. But just to be safe, if you see these sneaky saleskids, remember their slogan. Umbrella, $5. Straw, $5. Tea, $10. Cookie, $10. Being on "what would you do?"

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{"id":19461361,"title":"'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Sweet Tea Swindlers","duration":"3:00","description":"In Texas, what happens when a pint-size Bonnie and Clyde \"cheat\" their customers?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/route-66-sweet-tea-swindlers-19461361","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}