What Would You Do?: Sedative Sitter

When a nanny wants to give allergy medicine to calm a toddler, will anyone step in?
8:50 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for What Would You Do?: Sedative Sitter
Reporter: Kids are cute, curious, active balls of energy. And we all know that getting them to go from this -- -- to this can take some work. You can try warm milk or a bedtime story or there's what our nanny is using today -- a little dose of "Wwydryl." "Modern family" joked about it. It's not rocket science. It's babies. When they're hungry you feed them. When they're teething you give them some scotch. Scotch? Reporter: And there are plenty of controversial real life stories of parents and child care providers using over the counter antihistamines, sleep AIDS and yes, even alcohol just to get the little ones to fall asleep. We're in Westwood, New Jersey, at a place called the "Your way cafe". What would you do if you saw a nanny giving a child medicine she doesn't need? Well, let's go inside and find out. Hi. I'm Lorraine and I'm playing the nanny with the magic tricks. I'm ava Giacchi and I'm the annoying kid. Reporter: Will ava annoy these first two diners of the day? But I don't want any medicine. I'm not sick! No, you're not sick but you're acting up. So, we're going to have some so you can relax because I am not dealing with this. Ava, drink the juice. Be right back. Hi. My name is sally. That's not your mom right? It's my nanny. What's your name? My name's ava. My nanny wants me to take a nap. Yeah. I know. That's why she's giving me this crazy medicine. But I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. Can I help you? Hi. Hi. How are you? I just overheard you making her take some sleepy medicine. Yeah, she just needs it to relax. She's acting up. Medicating your child is not what you're supposed to do. And I don't know if her mother knows that you're medicating her, does she? She wakes up fine. It's not a problem, really. Yeah, but you're not a doctor, are you? No. Well then how can you give her medicine? I only give her a little bit. Reporter: We send in the mother. And the customers tattle on her right away. Do you know that she is on benadryl? She just gave her benadryl? She's been, yeah, she says it keeps her calm. I just want you to know 'cause we've been a little upset about this. We've been watching. She just decided on her own to give her benadryl. It's just juice. It was strawberry and Orange juice. Will you ladies please -- is this any of your concern? If you see something, say something. Why don't you guys mind your business? 'Cause I see an 8 year old girl who's being forced to drink something. I'm a grandmother and I'm a teacher, and if somebody did that to any of my children, they would be brought in. I would not allow her to be near my child. Reporter: What makes you do take proactive action like that? It's upsetting to see an authority taking control like that without the mother's permission. It's just not right. Reporter: Will the next diners speak up for ava? Ava, sit down! Ava, sit down or I'm going to give you your special juice. Sit! This is not a jungle gym. Look at me. You need to take a nap before your mother gets here. I'm not tired. I'm going to give you some medicine to make you tired. You asked for it. That's what you're going to get. I'm not sick. You're too excited. It's going to make me sleepy. That's the point, ava. There's a nice couch right back there you can take a nap in. Drink! I'm not sick. I have to go to the bathroom. That better be done when I get back. And don't move. Do not interrupt anyone's breakfast and don't run around. You understand me? Make sure you drink it. That's terrible. I'm sick over it. You don't give kids medicine. Reporter: With the nanny gone, the diners have some questions for little ava. When is your mother coming, honey? She should be here soon. They always give you medicine? When she wants me to go to bed. Who does? Your mother too? No, just the nanny. Just the nanny. Does your mother know? No. No, and your mother should know. What's your phone number, honey? Hurry up and give it to me. I can't talk to strangers and I can't give phone Numbers. I have to protect the child. This lady is with me. What would you do? She needs to be reported. She does. Do we call the police? Make sure the mother knows before you start calling people. It's not right. It's not right. Reporter: She approaches the cafe's owner for help. The nanny is giving her medicine because she was running around. You have to be a child advocate. You have to call the mother aside and say you heard it. Reporter: Finally we send in ava's mother. Oh, is she asleep? Yeah, she's tired. Excuse me, miss? Can I speak to you for one quick second? What happened? It seems we have a customer who's a little upset. I know that's your daughter. I sat next to the table. What happened? I need to talk to you. I'm a mother. That woman gives her medicine. She gives her what? She gives her medicine. To calm her down. She's not sick. No. Your little daughter. She says, "I'm giving you your sleepy medicine. Your sleepy juice. What does she give her? She gives her a dose of something. She's crying too. She needs to be reported. We're crying. I'm sick over it. I should confront her first. Just stay with me up here if you don't mind. Lorraine, did you give her medicine? No. The lady told me that you gave her some medicine. And I need to know truthfully if you gave her medicine. No. I saw you give her the medicine. Don't lie. I'm ready to cry. My husband saw it, I saw it and this woman saw it and I don't know this woman. She's got a bottle. A liquid bottle. It's in your packet. Let me see your bag. Go ahead. You can look through it. Is this it? Yes, it is. Yes, ma'am. What is it? I don't know. It's some -- It's a decongestant. It makes you tired. It's an antihistamine. So that's what you gave her. Why don't you mind your business? It is our business! It is our business! It is our business! And we're ready to call the police and have you locked up! How would you like that? Hi, guys. I'm John Quinones. This is "What would you do?" The TV show. You're okay? You're all right? You wanted to call the police. Well, right now I was just -- Absolutely. If you didn't come in -- Absolutely. I was getting my cell phone to call the police. This is not uncommon. It happened, to people in our family. Really? Someone in our family -- had a nanny and they came home at three o'clock in the afternoon. Because every time when they would come home at night, their child would always be very sleepy in the crib. So they came home at three in the afternoon, surprise, went into the nanny's room and there was bottle and they smelled it and it was a bottle of scotch. Wow. The nanny was giving -- Scotch. Scotch in the bottle around three or four o'clock in the afternoon to -- Yeah. Calm the baby down. Calm him down, let them take a nap. Wow. And that's what just kept playing in my mind. Reporter: An emotional day, but also with some laughs thanks to this young actress. Adorable Arya was also on set to play our annoying child but she's listening to them through an earpiece but she quickly spills some of the behind the scenes secrets of "What would you do." Can you hear me Arya? I can hear! Don't worry about it. We can see you. Just make a loud noise for me. Arya, we don't do that. The microphone said make a loud noise. Now just pretend to fall asleep. Reporter: Sleep tight Arya and thanks for the laugh. And thanks to all of those who stood up for such a little girl that's our program tonight.

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{"id":24345674,"title":"What Would You Do?: Sedative Sitter","duration":"8:50","description":"When a nanny wants to give allergy medicine to calm a toddler, will anyone step in?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/sedative-sitter-24345674","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}