Can I Steal Your Final Answer?

Potential "Millionaire" contestants react when others cheat on the exam to get on the show.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Can I Steal Your Final Answer?
Good question. We've seen the winning moment. You have 1 million dollars. But before the confetti can fall, the show stars by finding contestants. I really want to win a million dollars. Going for the full enchilada. Thousands of hopefuls line outside the new york city studio every season. To take the audition exam that could get them on the show. And make them filthy rich. 67. So what would you do if the test taker next to you started cheating? You're going to have to google that. I don't know. Just print the program. Yeah, I'll need a lifeline for this one. Maybe we should ask the audience. Will these real contestants stand up to our cheaters before they go on to win it all? Yay! Yay! "What would you do?." Our hidden cameras are rolling as this group of potential contestants is go to start the audition test? They have no idea our two actors are sitting right next to them. Everybody wants to be a millionaire here? All: Yeah. Terrific. This is going to be 15 questions. You have ten minutes to take the test. I'll be back in a few moments. Congratulations, everybody. Ten minutes. And they're off and no one is watching. Number 3. Our actress traci can't help herself but this woman is not playing along. Does anybody know 8? How stupid are you? Just do your own test. I just want to be a millionaire. I don't want to hear it anymore. Neither does anyone else. So we shouldn't ask the audience then is what you're saying. Shut the up. The tension is rising as the clock ticks away. Don't you want to be a millionaire. Drop it. Looks like traci is stumped by question number 10. I'll give you one if you give me one. What is the correct order of the three sisters on "keeping up with the kardashians" from oldest to youngest. What's number 10. I don't. Are you sure these are all right? Yeah, I can google. Time is up. Our producer returned. I did very well. I did pretty good. I knew a lot of the answers. She may feel pretty confident. But her fellow test takers feel pretty upset. I don't feel right about this. There were people in the room talking while we were taking the test. Probably going to be on the playing field and it needs to be a level playing field. I traveled all the way to kentucky. I agree with what he's saying. Traci plays it coy. You're not supposed to -- we didn't cheat. I'm sorry. We didn't do anything. I heard you ask one of the questions. I asked but no nobody answered. How dare you accuse me of cheating, kentucky. I don't think it's an accusation if it's an fact. You better marry a rich guy. The test takers are still confused but this woman won't be the life line to figure out what's going on. Was this the actual test? Where's john quinones? Funny they should ask. it's "what would you do?" Millionaire style. Hi, guys. I'm really looking forward to -- am I live. I want to watch the curtain. I'm sore sorry. We're rolling again and now this man is so focused on the exam he doesn't notice there's a second set of eyes on the paper. 6 is "c." Surely he'll realize now. I think that's jupiter. Nope. Maybe this guy has a better answer. Yeah, "c." You're right. 8 is "c." Our cheaters are relentless but as the clock counts down, no one says a thing. Sorry. Do you know 12? What if she puts her head on his shoulder. Will anything distract this guy? It's "what would you do?" Millionaire style. I'm just like freaked. I'm agonizing over khloe, kourtney and the other one and i don't know them. What order do they come in? We roll one last time and now this man is doing his best to stay calm. You're nice. He's not that nice. Please. I'm sorry. Thank you. Are you sure -- right there. She put "b." 7 is "b." It's his fault. Be quiet. Shoot. Hmm. Excuse me. What? What? I dropped my pencil. Relax. Relax? Not when the stakes are this high. But wait. Before we show you what happens next, let's see if meredith can figure it out. Check out the board. What will this man do, "a," ignore the cheaters, "b," tell them to buzz off, "c," storm out or "d," stand up and confront them? What do you think, meredith. Obviously very aware of it. He looks like a big guy. Kind of like a scary guy. But I'm going to say stand up and confront them. All right. Let's check it out. Watch the clip. Okay, everyone, pencils down. How was it? Freaking hard. There were some people directly behind me that were talking and using phone. Who exactly are you talking about? The people in the back row? Who? She and this gentlemen. Behind us, these guys. No. I will stand up. These people. Meredith, the answer is, "d," stand up and confront them. He did. He did. He looked like the kind of guy that wouldn't put up with baloney. It turns out dennis holden isn't just the guy who stood up for our cheaters. Dennis is new york. He's also one of the people "millionaire" selected to go on to the real show. Proving that in this case, cheaters never win. But dennis just might. Are you ready? Absolutely. Then let's play "millionaire."

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{"id":17523051,"title":"Can I Steal Your Final Answer?","duration":"3:00","description":"Potential \"Millionaire\" contestants react when others cheat on the exam to get on the show.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/steal-final-answer-17523051","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}