Stranger Drinks and Eats From Other Diner's Meal

Customers react when someone eats a woman's meal when she steps away in this "WWYD" scene.
6:01 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Stranger Drinks and Eats From Other Diner's Meal
Citizens. Bob those restaurant menus so many -- so what if you choose the wrong thing from some diners always -- to order the perfect. That's good if only you good samples. Or Kenyon. -- today Tracy is about to find out. At the -- like -- She's sharing policy -- share. She starts by chatting with this first group of diners who are how lucky enough to be seated right next to her. What do you guys getting. OK cool I'm might try to act yeah. The woman down sorry nothing. This song did you just say our food and you. -- -- -- You think she's kidding we'll watch this is ordering -- Suddenly this twosome is -- police I'm going. I commend you you can friend but what about this other people can have a little mini -- -- I hear all. Undeterred Traci pretends she still can't decide. It she turns her attention to this next table an extra time and now she makes her way over late into. She -- you can have a little taste. Thank -- time. OK thank you but then Traci pushes for a little bit more confident -- -- -- -- Again and okay thank you shut down again -- -- people are beginning to wonder whether there's something wrong with -- You can't things are great I just can't decide what a morning. Even -- -- thank you so much. Volcano in the -- -- -- -- know what's wrong with tasty before I order. I'll OK. OK thank goodness today it's only one -- Hi guys I'm judging others and. I just can taste your food -- You would not take any I don't tonight. Karen -- I don't even yeah I was named. For the longest time this man -- Traci intently and now Sharon. Whose worst fears are -- I'm do you mind if I -- -- -- -- -- into the rest McKinley county -- give -- -- little things. A lot of painting expert now. Okay thank you and boss. Hi guys -- through. -- want to -- thanking them but what would you put your -- Pirro you're -- She wanted to -- -- -- until they now because she was then winds them he wrote who Jacki yeah food -- We Romo again and Tracy still can't decide. May -- the -- The second best music. It's better than printing and there -- But that was that -- act right -- right. Do you like a little taste doesn't -- Outside. -- -- do -- actually can I just don't have friends yeah. But Tracy is nothing if not persistent -- -- -- strong. Why don't -- inconvenience on him. Duff in war it's time for Tracy to move on she loses this other woman who walk away from her -- cute and move ahead. -- Don't worry about that's is also one -- years he's received Nazis. Don't know nine. Whenever she -- testing yeah. You know I'm eating my food in my mind undertaking. Yeah. Now but this is bad and they boldly filtering and on what just happened. -- -- Our friendly but indecisive. Tracy has finally gone wrong we tell the restaurant manager also -- -- -- matters to -- Kicked her out of the them and -- yeah. -- -- and include a people's and nemesis you know at -- Food police or something over there. Yeah yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- And eyes were wide open its doors -- -- I've seen crazy things but I never seen anybody Anthony. -- feel sorry for her. Well that's what exactly what they're hungry and the fire -- yeah I -- it's. What does this say about him. Yeah. -- -- we felt it was wrong. Around Houston news. There was a problem. With the the moral of the story. If it did. Protect your name because let's face it sharing his one but allowing someone to take food run off your -- That's where most of us draw the line -- you can I -- Do you look at it isn't.

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{"id":21090038,"title":"Stranger Drinks and Eats From Other Diner's Meal","duration":"6:01","description":"Customers react when someone eats a woman's meal when she steps away in this \"WWYD\" scene.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/stranger-drinks-eats-diners-meal-21090038","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}