Tanning for the One You Love

Would you get an extreme tan at the request of your significant other?
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Tanning for the One You Love
it's that dark glow, that beach ready body and on the jersey shore, it's a religion. I want to go tanning. I'm as pale as a ghost. I'm so light. I'm tanner anorexic, bro. That's right, the "t" in gtl. I have an emergency. I have an emergency. I want to go twice. Oh, yeah, tanning, yeah! But how much tanning is too much? Way too much? Take that episode in "friends." Oh, dear god. I went to that tanning place your wife suggested. Was that place the sun? We took our hidden cameras to boca tanning salon. Natalie is an actress playing a girlfriend who wants her boyfriend to undergo a dangerous transformation. I'm going to go from this -- cue the spray gun. And this is me now. And when he walks out of that tanning room door, it's still not enough. You need to go back in the room right now. You're not dark enough. Go! With the tanning bed and hidden cameras fired up, will anyone stand up for a guy who's clearly burned to a crisp. Is this too tan? What would you do? Hey, nat, this is -- I'm like burning. No, you aren't. Yeah, you're burned, dude. This doesn't look normal. We're not sure if this man is seeing red or orange. No! You have to burn until you get tanned. No, not like that. My skin feels like it's going to come off or something. That's good. That means it's working. I don't know. You may not better than me. I just think it looks -- you're like albino to all my friends. You're ridiculous. Justin can't believe the words coming out of natalie's mouth and neither can this woman. Everybody knows you can't get cancer from tanning booths. Actually, you can, but -- where did you hear that? You definitely can't. Okay. It's the sun you can get cancer from. It's like not -- it's not working like I'm orange. I warrant you to look like this guy. He's black. That guy is black. I'm white. At a loss for words, her face sat all. But believe it or not, not everyone thinks he looks that bad. I look like I'm oranged. I'm just getting more and more orange. You don't look orange at all. It looks burned. Do I look normal. You look like you just spent a day at the beach. More like a nice long walk in the sahara desert. Time to get to the bottom of it. I mean some people tan like that. He's orange. Pretty orange. Pretty orange? To say the least. Total not right. it looks like you're burnt. I've never beenanning but he looks like he's burnt. Over and over the painful expressions say it all. You're not dark enough. I'm not dark enough? I'm orange! I mean I'm orange, right? Yeah, you're orange. It's crazy. You're good. He doesn't want to go in. He doesn't have to go in i. The reactions even cross language barriers. you don't look good. This woman may not speak english but she's not color-blind. like a shrimp. Exactly. Act exactly. I need another girlfriend. That too. In our final scene, these three strangers genuinely worried about his health. You look hot, right? Right, very red though. You can get scars. No, it's not going to scar. He'll be fine. We sent natalie away for a minute. I think you're done. I think you had more man enough color. I'm getting flochy so I'm trying to fill in the spots. Yeah, I think it's too much. I think you should stop. Just my opinion. This woman is a medical assistant and can't believe her eyes. How many times did you tan? It's the second one today but fifth time this week. You're not supposed to tan more than once a day. Carla hamilton even offers a healthier alternative. Why don't you just do a spray tan. And a lot heathery. It's funny on the knuckles. It's healthier for you. I look ridiculous. The tanning beds give you vitamin c. Vitamin d. And then finally some advice everyone can agree on. Get a new girlfriend. Get a new girlfriend? Yeah. Honestly. As cute as me? Before anyone else gets burned here it's time to introduce myself. I'm john quinones. This is "what would you do?" Oh, are you kidding me right now. What did you say? I feel bad for him. He needed a new girlfriend. If somebody truly loves you, they'll take you for who you are. You wouldn't put up with that. No. The situation might say this. This is a serious situation right now. We're getting pale. It's like the end of civilization. It's time to bring this civilization to a close. Next.

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{"id":17295985,"title":"Tanning for the One You Love","duration":"3:00","description":"Would you get an extreme tan at the request of your significant other?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/tanning-love-17295985","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}