A Two-Timer in Action

Jewelry store patrons don't balk when a man buys gifts for his wife and mistress at the same time.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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The cheating husband's hall of shame. Bill clinton, tiger woods, john edwards, jesse james, micha jordan, jude law, kobe bryant, eliot spitzer, mick jagger, shaquille o'neal, charlie sheen, david letterman and the governator. Marital infidelity, a slippery slope as old as time itself. But what would you do if you saw a cheater in action? So this one is for your wife. Right. And this one is for your friend. Yes. Not your wife? Is that okay? Yeah, I'm just making sure i get it straight. One for his wife and one for his mistress. Could you make sure that -- these customers are watching it all unfold. Our cameras are hiding at the great american jewelry store in massape massapequa, long island. Will anyone call out this two-timer? As the day begins we set the scene and this woman takes notice. So this is for the second woman. This is your wife. It's a friend of mine, yeah. Julie. Your sister, that's so sweet. We'll be together soon. Oh, it's not my sister. No, it's my wife's sister. You don't ask questions. You just listen to what the gentleman says don't ask questions. She's irritated with the actress for asking too many questions and when jeremy's wife shows up this concerned customer complains to the owner of the store. He just bought two diamond bracelets. His wife walked in. She's got both. One is for somebody else. Oh, my god. He's wrapping up the one. I said to her, are you that dumb? Move it out of the way. When jeremy thanks for her lending a helping hand she lets her know where she really stands. I don't agree with but i didn't want any trouble in the store. Okay. Sir, what would you like to do with the second one? What would you like to do with the second one. I like this one better so -- you'll just give her one. After jeremy and michelle leave the store she has tips for our salesperson. Evidently the man is buying two bracelets, one for his wife and one for someone else. It was like you didn't have a clue and it's lime talking to somebody from outer space and I'm a customer and I could catch on to that. Listen, I just said I don't approve of anything you're doing, it's his conscience and his wife and has to answer to god. Okay. T's break it. Hi there, ma'am. I'm john quinones. Oh. With "what would you do?." Sorry, I'm going to shoot you. Now I get the necklace for fr. What did you think of her? Dumb. Very dumb. We reset the scene and two new women step into our scenario. My wife is on her way, hurry, hurry. Hi, michelle. How are you? This is my wife. Hello. So I think we'll just get -- i like this one better so we can get rid of that better. You just want one? I changed my mind. I just want the one. When jeremy tries to ditch the secondlet and michelle starts asking questions -- why would you -- they help him cover it up. Don't say anything. You bought me two presents. We tell jeremy to leave the scene so when the cheater is away -- I'm confused. Did he buy two bracelets? Uh -- no. Nope. These women just keep encouraging our salesperson to help with the cor-up. And after his wife steps out, jeremy returns to find out that his secret is still safe. Oh, thank you. You're -- thank you. Thank god. I don't even know you but i got you out of hot water. Hi, I'm john quinones. Oh, my god. I wasn't trying to save him. You were protecting her. Yes, absolutely. I just felt so bad for her and i thought, oh, this is going to turn outerable for her. Later in the day in walks gail pearson, she's a schoolteacher and class is about to begin. Wife and girlfriend. Gail lets one of our salespeople that trouble is on the way. One bracelet to the wife and one to a girlfriend. I don't know what to do. He said his wife is coming. Itch no idea. Do you think that could be his wife. I sure hope not. When michelle arrived gail has a plan. Thee tries to make jeremy pay up for his infidelity in diamonds. You got me -- no, it was just sitting there. You probably deserve both. Thank you. The other one -- what the heck. We all put up a lot of stuff from our husbands. When leaves the store, gail takes jeremy head on. As a wife, I would like to say something. I would be a little more discreet about what you're doing. I'm a teacher and I teach my class not to lie. I think maybe you should see a trained professional. If my husband did that, I would hope I wouldn't find out. Oh, my god, no. How are you? My husband and I have an agreement that you're not happy in a marriage, you get out before you act on it. After we surprised gail with our cameras she has a surprise for us. She tells us that her husband steven is on his way, which gives us an idea. Why not run this scenario on him. Gail hides in the back of the store so how will her husband react to our cheater. We direct jeremy to ask steven for advice. What should I do? Seriously asking my opinion? At the risk of being blunt, come on. Do you love her? Stay with her. If you don't, then get out. I can't afford -- one woman -- stay or leave. If you love them, you stay with them. If you don't, you walk out. You move on. Saying I should move on while I'm still married? That's my recommendation and then again I'm a guy you just met a jewelry store. You're the first guy to ever cheat. It's not a stigma, it's not a badge of just honor. People go through rough spots. You're a good guy. The first thing you said was man up. I don't think marriage is something you commit half ass. Can I say half ass? Yeah. It turned into a therapy session here. I know. I got to charge him. Do you have his number? How long you been married? 22 years. I have a confession to make. We met gail earlier today. She's back here. Gail, she was watching the whole thing. There she is. At the end of the day, gail and steven share some kind words on how to make a marriage work. I said that we have the philosophy if you're not happy tell the other person before you do something about it. Any doubt he might cover up for the guy? No, not in a million years. My husband is a very honest person. Make a decision. Either you want to try to make it work or you don't. If you don't, what is the divorce rate? 50%? It's not horrible to realize your marriage isn't working. Living a lie is just not the right choice. When all is said and done, most of the women who spoke up felt it was more important to avoid a scene than to spill the beans. And luckily no real spouses were hurt during the making of our show. And once again,s right on long island. Next, trick or treat.

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{"id":17523093,"title":"A Two-Timer in Action","duration":"3:00","description":"Jewelry store patrons don't balk when a man buys gifts for his wife and mistress at the same time.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/timer-action-17523093","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}