Boy Begs Mom for Gender Change

When mom berates her son for wanting to become a girl, what will bystanders do?
6:49 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Boy Begs Mom for Gender Change
-- Chaz Bono appearing on Dancing With The Stars was a way to come out publicly to the world. I came on the show because I wanted to show America a different kind of man but telling the whole world but you're -- trans gender MRSA. It's sometimes easier than telling your mom and factually would. And with -- -- about it. So. Supportive and then reality -- her. -- -- his mother share ultimately accepted her child not all parents of trans gender people do. As these heart wrenching clips on YouTube make all too clear many initial reactions. Are not so positive. -- -- We will have her she dune or support you -- -- Obama has -- yeah this is not okay that's not happening this. So we wonder what will ordinary people do if they overhear a teenage boy I'm telling his mother this. But at the girl and even its vehicle value would have been born after he reportable bump into an important aspect in the -- her own hands -- Would you feel for the -- struggle or sympathize with -- confused upset mother. We brought our hidden cameras to the park -- diner in Wayne New Jersey. The mother and -- of course Barak spoke for customers and its busy roadside -- have no idea our cameras are rolling. Our son tries desperately to explain his struggle to his mother. -- inside I am not a boy and that's when this mother and son notice what's going on. Mile walk home but even as the tension escalates they stay silent. Focusing on their meal what -- does big boy on the inside. -- -- Your disgusting. You know what's gone on and isn't just -- cult. In the end they decides not to -- and that he'd been given to lose your blitzer interviewing him -- at all normal mother -- conversation that. Sawyer -- again wondering if anyone will step into this very personal situation what it takes this woman only moments to stick gum on the emotionally charged discussion let me be -- I -- I was. I was born a -- Nelson and -- and a girl is okay as -- conversation heats up the first woman continues to listen. But the mother and son conflict is now drawing attention from others to. -- field -- came to us. With the mother now out of the picture will anyone step band and say something. These women are clearly touched by the boy's struggle -- us. And even though the first woman is sympathetic. Consistent. She finally decides not to get involved. Minutes later our mother returns. It was one boy's clothing me feel better that's it is period is terrific throw. It's a delicate scenario still this woman has certain amounts and she can't help herself from speaking. -- Could be -- make his decisions you know he would. Mean -- first clue that he's still under my hat off. It's the but I really do think he's gonna outgrow this. It's time to introduce ourselves. And when we do their very community. Pledges that sometimes good. Things to say something and -- -- go. We're rolling again. And this woman out to lunch with her daughter soon -- heaters are struggling teenager. You know what it has everything to wake up and it's time somebody. I know I'm not a -- it. We -- percent of normal -- few listens intensely. Visibly shaken by what she hear your employer -- traffic reports. Our mom storms off leaving her son -- -- And this. A. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Story -- -- -- do I actually. This isn't dead I numbered. They know she needs help not here. And when the mother returns he doesn't hesitate to doctor -- to -- -- because. Anytime you can really. Morning. Time to let her know it's all part of what would you do. You're really moved in here a -- Tell us why I couldn't stop myself I wanted to let you know that it was okay for him should be. Whoever he wants to -- But the most surprising response is about to come from this -- -- visiting from Georgia. That's what I'm not a boy and a girl. Inside -- it's fascinating and they appeared totally unaware of what's happening behind that why don't you just listen it. But -- are actress tries to apologize. We learned just how close to home this issue really years Iran and -- yeah. Do where he can care -- -- parents. -- -- -- We help people were finally on the street all of -- maybe you can talk some sense because he wants to where he was wearing dresses and heels. That's probably -- Guidelines that you. Homes they tried to educating our distraught mother carried genes that are homeless homes or ones -- say. You like man there apparently -- -- -- you who it is better to achieve. It's not something you learn it and then to our surprise they -- -- -- sit with our mother and son have to get back. That everything it's your fault accounted for business one in the hardest hardest thing. We just have to meet this amazing Koppel's. Assume you have to say something he needs somebody gets beat somebody who knows when you don't know. Highest. I don't know -- this particular human body. I've met a lot of engines and a lot of places we hold and we -- all of them are grateful.

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{"id":15890545,"title":"Boy Begs Mom for Gender Change","duration":"6:49","description":"When mom berates her son for wanting to become a girl, what will bystanders do?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/transgender-boy-mother-sex-change-operation-parenting-15890545","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}