What Would You Do? Unlocked Car

Part 1: Bystanders had surprising reactions as a man stole 10,000 in goods from an unlocked car.
7:41 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for What Would You Do? Unlocked Car
Hello and welcome to "what would you do?" Although this time around it's more like what wouldn't you do from the outrageously hilarious to the incredibly moving so let's get right to it. The scene is set. The actors in place and the hidden cameras are rolling. ♪ it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And all news is good news. Uvall is on his way to the office. To top it off, a free parking spot right in front of new york panini in huntington, long island. Today everything just seems to be going his way. What's the worst that could happen? That is, until we see who's lurking around the corner. Today kevin is playing a thief with his eyes on the prize or prizes in all's beautiful, sparkling and unattended open car. And it's not just any car. This one is filled with more than $10,000 worth of uvall's possessions left right out in the open. If you saw this thief checking out and shaking down a car in broad daylight, what would you do? I know. Look, I just got -- I took off work a little early. Don't make me go back to work on the weekend. Hello. Oh. Hey, do you have the time? 6:00. 6:00. Nice folks they give him the time. Uvall is on his way. But seconds later, here comes trouble. I got a 5-hour energy in my pocket. Once I get some food inside me. He looks up for a moment but does he notice what's really going on here? It says, paninis, salads. Wow. He got it all. When uvall returns, it becomes very clear that this man just witnessed a crime. This is so strange. Oh, my god. We watched that guy get robbed. Why didn't you say something? Some guy walked over with a satchel, like shoved a bunch of . I thought it was his stuff. How am I supposed to know? Time to introduce ourselves. It's a show called "what would you do?" What did you see? I saw some guy with a satchel, and he kind of looked like he was grabbing some stuff real quickly, and then grabbed some golf clubs out of the back. Reporter: So, you didn't know he was a thief? No, I thought it was his stuff. Until the other guy came. We're at it again. T too good a thief. Once again for our thief it's all too easy. She seems annoyed by all the noise he's making but says nothing. Now uvall is back. My stuff is gone. I just saw some guy take it. He walked down there. It was golf clubs. He took my golf clubs. You psasaw him? Yeah, I didn't know he was stealing it. Then she offers an old-fashioned eyewitness. He had a beard, he was wearing khaki shorts and I think a hat. Khaki shorts. Too bad she's way off. I saw the guy take the stuff. I just didn't think anything of it. Another getaway and now kevin is about to break every rule in the thief's handbook. Excuse me. Is this your car? That's all you got. I guess? Oh, sweet. Oh. Have a good one. We're beginning to think kevin is one amazing thief until from out of nowhere -- they took everything. I saw the guy. I called the police. You called the police? He has a receding hairline. He's white. White with a receding hairline. About 5'11" with a receding hairline, probably about 40 years old. There's a description. Time to meet him. I called 911. Why? Why did I call 911? Because he was stealing something from someone else's car. It's an awful feeling when you get to your car and someone has stolen from it, you know. We all have a responsibility to do something about it. How about the thief? Get over here. I wanted to choke him. I'll have you know, I have had this hairline my entire life! It has not receded one bit. Great description of our thief. So far no one has directly confronted him. Then we meet this woman. She may be pregnant but she wastes no time at all. I'm going to call the cops. I'm going to call the cops right now. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hang on. Listen, all right. Listen. All right. Within seconds kevin is under citizen's arrest. Keep your hands up where i can see you. Put your hands down and that's going to be it. I'm calling the cops. You step back with the baby. What's going on? What did he take? The police are coming right now. Time to tell rob egan there are no squad cars on the way. It's "what would you do?" He is an actor. You were amazing the way you responded. What prompted you to do that? My wife. Stranger, this guy. I don't know him. Just have to take care of each other. You were a little worried there for a second. I was more than a little worried. It can be dangerous. That's why he yelled at me. I forget that I'm pregnant. Rob and christine, quite a

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{"id":19720150,"title":"What Would You Do? Unlocked Car","duration":"7:41","description":"Part 1: Bystanders had surprising reactions as a man stole 10,000 in goods from an unlocked car.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/unlocked-car-19720150","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}