What Would You Do? Unlocked Car, With a Twist

Part 2: What will happen when the thief is a black man or an attractive woman?
6:56 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for What Would You Do? Unlocked Car, With a Twist
♪ ♪ back in new york panini where today $10,000 worth of valuables were stolen from a car we left open and unattended. I'm just too good a thief. But what if now we swap out our thief, kevin for this man. My screen just went dark. Do you know what time it is? 12:18. 1:18. First up, these two sisters who immediately notice that something's not quite right here. What's this guy doing? Excuse me. Excuse me. What are you doing. What are you doing? Just getting some stuff. No. That's not your car. It's all right. Is this your car? That's one of our friend's cars. How do you know it's not my car. Because he was just here. Your friend was just here. Yes. My fault, I thought it was mine. I thought it was my car. You thought it was your car. Yeah, I thought it was my car. They look the same. You're kidding, right? They waste no time chasing our chief away. My fault. My fault. Yeah, keep walking. And now uvall is back. I just -- is this your car? Yes. Someone tried robbing things out of your car. What de look like? He was black. He had a -- pretty impressive. Within seconds the sisters take complete control of the situation. You reacted very quickly. Things like that normally don't happen around here and i wouldn't -- I would want someone to do that for me. Turns out when gabriel is our thief many people have no problem defending the open car. Who's this guy? Hey, what are you doing? Oh, this is my car. No, it isn't. I just saw the guy walking. Right away she's out of her chair searching for the owner. Hey, there's a lot here -- do you want to split -- ma'am, we could split had. And her daughter, she's threatening to call the cops. You better put that back or I'm calling the police. It isn't even a big deal. I'm calling right now. Busted again. Gabriel makes his getaway just as uvall returns to the scene. I saw you. I saw -- I knew your car was here and this black man came over, opened the door, looking around, taking your laptop. What? Here'sly. Time to introduce ourselves. I'm john quinones. This is "what would you do?" Oh, my gosh, that is so funny. What was going through your mind? Go get the owner. He can't be serious, right? This isn't your car. This is not your stuff. Leave it alone. Will gabriel ever get away with it? Watch this couple. The rest of the time it's pretty tough on our thief and no one intervenes as boldly as this man. Stand where you are. Show me your hands. What are you doing? I thought this was my car. You thought it was your car. Yeah, I thought it was my car. What do you have in the bag? Just my laptop. What kind of car is this? Tell me what kind of car it is. Huh? It's your car? Yeah. It's a chrysler. I'm going to ask you step out and you're going to step out with me. Show me your hands. My hands are up. My hands are up. Gabriel is not going anywhere. Time to meet john gore. The way he grabbed that laptop so quick I thought he was going to run real quick. Weren't you worried about your own safety? I didn't. You're right. I should have been. You think we should watch out for each other. Always, always. But maybe the answer is to call the police instead of jumping in. Everyone insists they would have reacted the same way regardless of color. The fact that he was african-american, did that play in -- not at all. The fact that he was african-american -- no, I just knew it wasn't his car, period. Does race figure in at all? No. You would have jumped in no matter what? Yeah. During our shoot kevin had a much easier time while gabriel was busted again and again. But what if we switched things up once more and instead of kevin or gabriel, now it's kristin who is our thief. And she's definitely not shy bit. Would you mind helping me get these out of the trunk, the golf clubs? Thank you. He's actually helping her out. 5. I don't have any cash. Very light. Okay. Ooh. All right, wait. Let me see. Okay, thanks. You didn't see twhose car it was, did you? No, I didn't. And off kristin goes. Can you actually do me a favor? Would you mind helping me lift this? He gets up but then seems to have a bad feeling about this. Wasn't there a dude in the car over here before? Yeah. Like on the phone with somebody talking about golfing and tough like that. He makes it clear if she's going to steal those clubs, she'll have to carry them herself. Can you -- are you keys in the car or something. Overhearing it all is this woman. Is this your car? No, not exactly. I'm okay, though. It's a long story. She has her suspicions but says nothing more. Oh, yeah, thank you. At least sheryl martin was able to snap a picture. You took a picture. I just take pictures of people. I could tell something was not right. Did it look like a thief. No, someone I would go out with on a saturday night. Clearly people notice kristin but she's never confronted like this. Better put that back or I'm calling the police. You'll call the police. Yes. And definitely not like this. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Stand where you are. Tan where you are. Show me your hand. At the end of the day our thieves made away with a combined $80,000 of goods. Most of it stolen by kevin and kristin, the moral of the story, roll up your windows, hide those belongings and lock your doors. This could have been your car.

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{"id":19720198,"title":"What Would You Do? Unlocked Car, With a Twist","duration":"6:56","description":"Part 2: What will happen when the thief is a black man or an attractive woman?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/unlocked-car-twist-19720198","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}