Waitress Pays More Attention to Phone Than Diners

In this "WWYD" setup, a server's rude cellphone usage incites mixed reactions from customers.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Waitress Pays More Attention to Phone Than Diners
It's a brand new day with the world at tracy's fingertips. Good morning, siri. Good morning to you, too. Her smart phone is her number one. It completes her. But how much is too much? Tracy's got a fear of being without her phone. I love you, siri. That fear has a name. She's not alone. 29% of americans suffer from some form of it. I'm sorry. I know. Okay. Geeze. Excuse you! Today we're at the omega diner in new jersey and tracy is playing a waiter more interested in her phone than her customers. What will people do? Guys, we need to start shooting. Sounding good? It does, actually. Soup or salad? Would you hold this for a second. Tracy fires up her wireless head piece as this family reads the daily specials. I told you I can't talk right now. It's my boyfriend. Okay, so, and what's your problem? You're being annoying. Yeah, you're being annoying. I'm helping people right now. I'm sorry, have you decided yet? I'll have a hamburger deluxe. No. Sorry. Hamburger. Turn your phone off. You're being rude. They're telling you you're rude. I'll have the hamburger deluxe. That's kind of gross. Can anyone be this rude? It's funny. What would you do? Where is john quinones? Did someone call me? Let's break in. Hi there, how are you? I'm john quinones. I knew it. I knew it! Oh, my god you're so handsome? Real life. People shouldn't do that. Put your phones away. Interact. This regular customer thinks she's here for another relaxing breakfast. I'd like spinach and mushroom omelet with american cheese. No. No, I'm sorry. They're talking to me on my blue tooth, sorry. Can you put your phone down. Hashtag crazy. She calls over the manager who of course is with us. She seems to be on her phone. She's very new. You better tell her to get off the phone. When she tries to complain -- hold on. No, not happening. Did I mess it up again? Now her order comes in wrong. How much more will she take? You were too busy on the phone. I asked you to get off the phone so you can pay attention to my order. She was talking. Hold on. You need to stay off your phone if you want to be in customer service, okay? Let your boss deal with that. Can you text your order so i can make sure I get it right. Me text my order? She's had enough. My family and I have come here for years. She's got to go. I was patient at first but then I was starting to lose it because she was on her phone so much. Wait a minute, is that the girl I see on that channel all the time? Yes. Oh, my. We find mixed reaction to tracy's off the hook behavior. Lots of people get annoyed. Oh, sorry. There you go. Before you guys eat, let me instagram this real quick. Can you put you hand like that like you're presenting the food? Tell her what instagram is. I don't care. I want to eat without you bothering us with your phone. What is wrong with her? She needs a mental institution. At times it seems like a comedy skit. I'll have an egg white omelet. Are you sure? Yeah, pretty sure. Oh, not you. Some people are tolerant like this woman who has to endure an unappetizing conversation. A horrible toe fungus. He had pus or something coming out of it. It's nasty, like green. How do you spell gangrene? G.R. -- that's correct. This diner just goes with the flow. Do you want to text your order? Tell siri. I'll have peppers and eggs and home fries. He even joys in on tracy's video calls. What if you are in a hurry? I'm never in a hurry. Never rush it. Casserole -- before we call it a day, we meet these lifelong friends, miriam and sandy. We're ready -- hello? We're ready to order. No, stop it. Yeah, stop it. We're ready to order. Oh, yeah, okay. You're at work now. Miriam is annoyed. Minute stroen. Sorry, I didn't find any restaurants. Miriam is serious but sandy plays along. Siri take note. Two ministrone, tuna on rye not toasted. Toasted, lettuce, tomato -- lettuce and tomato, siri, for me. Thank you, siri. Time to break this scene and this time I'll go high tech. Hello there. Tracy, can you hear me? Can you talk to my friend. Hi, what's up? Do you know that you have been on hidden camera as part of a tv show called "what would you do"? I'm on? How interesting. What would you do with our waitress? She's very pretty, very involved with technology. We have a poor connection. You were such a good sport. I lived long enough to know that I have to smile, honey, because if I don't I'll get old faster than I am already. I am 75 years old. No, you're not. Yes, I am. You started giving your order to siri. Why? People do things on the phone all the time. You thought she was normal? Yeah, my kids are just like that. Could it be this becoming the new normal? Tracy I know you love me but get off the phone and go to

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{"id":21172180,"title":"Waitress Pays More Attention to Phone Than Diners","duration":"3:00","description":"In this \"WWYD\" setup, a server's rude cellphone usage incites mixed reactions from customers.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/waitress-pays-attention-phone-diners-21172180","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}