White Barber Discriminated Against at Barbershop

Real customers step up to defend him in this "WWYD" scenario.
7:13 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for White Barber Discriminated Against at Barbershop
Friday's in the big city and cables got a hot today. But first things first. I broke let's stop and -- -- barbershop in the arm. For a last minute chase. The -- was I don't ask don't know Manhattan culinary -- straight didn't get out. And I'm certain cards right now Muqtada but liberals didn't make an appointment from -- consecutive games. -- that's right the only -- available news stand. The -- don't. -- the I don't know won't not a happy -- anymore we uniformed services vision advantage spill. Certify that experience but gambrel just doesn't trust a -- -- my family. -- calls barbershop in Harlem where why are well yeah. Son. OK it was good that must and I don't know how we have I'm going to keep this little fears and care. I'm a little sign up right now and I -- -- business right behind. Anyone else give -- the storm prediction right. A silent 56. Yeah you kidding me right -- -- -- so -- -- and the white stuff going moment. This may you don't know know about black here but. Daryl G -- takes note of the location fans can't. Premium today -- -- did he wasn't here would you let them graduate probably didn't make it work because he's white right killed. And I never do as -- Hollywood driven it there guys that are -- possibly does give us -- -- I don't. But gave -- won't sit down. I don't get a guy because my. The good and -- today. You didn't know what somebody. Got a upon don't think. Say less -- that right there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John Quinones. You know yes sir what would you do go -- continues to guide -- employment -- at a probable forty years. He got sick and -- -- me a year to plan didn't. What you -- stress your point. -- -- -- -- -- -- Five outside. So why disrupt the -- that everyone was he being racists. Everybody in America is racist do YouTube community input to racism from game one but when it comes to something as simple as giving her her best national. I would definitely good -- convinced that three weeks. That's 53 weeks -- I had to go -- ahead. -- but -- -- -- our white barber approaches this next customer in the middle of his haircut and so you go to such. And we'll -- -- let me finish your. Yeah. All right we'll just approved for -- little -- I want blog and make you feel brave man. He would give a much job but others aren't quite so adventurous. -- right. Who otherwise could fit parents. And it is -- it is -- You know saying. I'm not that -- -- ahead. No he's -- Matthew McConaughey. -- What about -- store policy. And -- it's. Oh yeah. No response Gonzales did have been shown his own here when we -- ahead take they have chemical -- gave me. Don't wanna -- And then from across the room this and it's. My mom hey didn't you. Yeah. -- -- Number one who act while lives. -- -- 300 yeah suddenly Gabriel was the one in the hot seat British. It's. Gabriel relentless I come -- jaw and turns out there's a lesson here for both him and -- white barber. Terrible. -- and I got -- private lives and -- this relaxed. Yeah five days in a Barber's shop in Harlem on the bridge -- -- across the racial divine yeah. -- the 7000 the great Bob Fenton didn't put any bombing in the and when -- -- that you don't -- -- good. It was a matter of Latin legends not a decade out of them. -- -- -- -- as we keep rolling others joining -- and the government's positive comments -- -- here in the that I had to have more productive members of racism. And no -- black president you can better revenue progress we're sorry here and I progress day doesn't -- black -- that you know him -- -- -- kind of little white that in mind that Chris. This preferential. -- story. This that -- race. Racism in disguise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are saying that we have always come when our backs against the wall Malone -- its. Cells like boys now I feel like we don't want that -- Whose side -- you I'm on the side is the enemy -- -- it's. -- your -- -- -- But that's what it's ultimately going to make and make it latest. Love and we're. He's right today this is definitely bigger than -- Erica. I'm John -- honest with what would you do. -- I'm glad that reaction. You're wonderful in your advice to -- way -- and looked. I preach what we preaching today acceptance. Fairness. He was stereotyping. Was a racist. We never say out loud -- But we make choices every -- -- and those -- Choices. -- one thing when it comes to picking barber Palin's -- my -- many true. But what happens when the target of racial bias yeah so -- -- -- -- When we come back.

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{"id":21089983,"title":"White Barber Discriminated Against at Barbershop","duration":"7:13","description":"Real customers step up to defend him in this \"WWYD\" scenario.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/white-barber-discriminated-barbershop-21089983","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}