Worst Dye Job Ever? 'Look Like a Skunk'

Women are horrified by WWYD's "hairstylist from hell."
2:46 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Worst Dye Job Ever? 'Look Like a Skunk'
Okay Traci you know -- -- and then finally came with a parent you you know. That -- and -- -- he's promising a law. Change your life and cheese eating it right. But what happens in this -- diamonds scared yeah. Here you don't give us. -- this. -- Our hidden cameras are present about the banks -- -- and -- Montclair New Jersey. -- -- -- -- -- pretending she's got an important interview that a conservative law -- Police -- black hair are actors pretending he knows what he's doing. Nall. -- you speak out -- jobs. Too intimidated to anything percent. -- cameras start rolling as these are real life wells are seated next to our actors. It just -- about I don't know like a few meanings RSS stadium going to be -- to -- -- and keep paying retail and Tracy strikes them undersea -- percent. Now while thought you know I don't think myself. Now that the women understand how important his hairstyle. -- -- -- -- Here we -- -- the Big -- really looks. Speaking out of -- hair now unlike -- I I think he's seen no brief -- not Steve. In the women are horrified. You don't think that he really -- out you know I thought it was going to be a little -- hi my. Subtle highlights I would have gone. With the radio I'm Traci. -- now that she's gone are confident that just hasn't confession. Look I screwed up -- -- She has -- BZW right now like. Colonial finger and had another you know blue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- won't get much help this -- -- The -- conservative want to -- -- of the so when you think no one is watching step then step up or step away we asked. What would you do.

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{"id":15966826,"title":"Worst Dye Job Ever? 'Look Like a Skunk'","duration":"2:46","description":"Women are horrified by WWYD's \"hairstylist from hell.\"","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/worst-dye-job-skunk-15966826","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}