'WWYD': Security Guard Gets Too Personal

Our hidden cameras are rolling at the "Bethenny" show as a security guard takes things too far.
6:30 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for 'WWYD': Security Guard Gets Too Personal
Reporter: Their job is to provide strict security, keep people safe by being on the lookout for suspicious activity. But Traci is a different breed of security guard. While most are polite and professional, she is neither. Oh, looks like someone has diarrhea. Reporter: Today, Traci will search handbags as audience members file in to see "Bethenny." That's bethenny Frankel and she's no stranger to frank talk. You look very promiscuous. You haven't been listening. You've only been talking. Reporter: And she challenges her audiences to speak out. I think sex on the first date is okay. Reporter: But will they speak up when they see our prying security guard embarrass other "Bethenny" audience members. Gas-x? We're going to have to put you in your own row. How many, extra strength? Reporter: Kristin and Diana are actresses and we've stuffed their purses with personal, intimate products. What would you do if you saw this? Oh, are you expecting? It's a pregnancy test. I know. It's a secret? I know. Let's take a look at it. Can you not? Reporter: Stunned looks. But no one says a word. You're embarrassing me. This is not fair. Oh, no, no, look. You have a douche. Why did you bring a douche? Nothing is open. Summer's eve. Please put it back. Why is this here? Reporter: Bethenny is shocked as she watches the hidden cameras with me. Why is no one saying -- how do you do this job, John? I would go in and kill someone. Why would no one say something? This is crazy! Hold on, it's my boss. How's it going in there? It's going ok. I actually have a girl who brought a douche and she has preparation-h in her bag. Does she look like she's a threat? No, she doesn't look like she's a threat, but you know, they come in all packages. Reporter: Traci leaves the room for a security check and this woman just has to say something. Miss, miss, please don't feel embarrassed, because we're all women here. I'm ready to leave. Don't leave. Look, we're not on TV yet and there's no men. Reporter: Actually, you're all on TV! She's not really a security guard. A it's all part of "What would you do?" Oh my goodness! I wanted to fall through the floor. Like, oh my god! I'm embarrassed! I felt so bad. The pregnancy test. Oh, my goodness, I wanted to cry for her. Reporter: Why not confront her? She's a security guard. Yeah, exactly. We don't want to get kicked out. We didn't even get on the show yet! Reporter: Believe it or not, throughout the day some women blame our actresses. It's kind of weird that they would bring that kind of stuff in. Reporter: Another woman checks to see what's in her own purse. And one woman even tries to escape. And there's lots of nervous laughter. It's not funny. I don't know if I can let this one go. This is an enema. Reporter: You guys carrying enemas? Do any of you carry an enema? Reporter: But what if now, Traci kicks our out the victim from the show? What do you mean I can't go into the show? I'm sorry, you have too many items that I can't allow in that we already have protocol. Are you kidding? You're not allowing us into the show because -- No, I'm not! You will have to leave. Do all of you agree with me? No. I don't know what's going on. No? Why? We would just like to go in. These women could be dangerous. Because we have gas? Reporter: Hi, guys, it's "What would you do?" I knew it! We tried to stick up for her and she's telling me, "Mom, be quiet." I can't believe we fell for that. Reporter: This next group of women transforms this potentially humiliating experience into the sisterhood of the embarrassing purse. Oh, immodium? You have diarrhea? Because you're not going to make it through the show if you have diarrhea. I don't. I don't, I have a stomachache I can't have you touch the bag. Please, or you won't be able to go to the show. Look, they've already accept rated themselves from you. We're all girls, that's ok. Don't let it get to you. You see all of us are like Okay. I know how you feel on the inside. Well something's already got to her. Well, guess what? You didn't come this far for nothing. Reporter: And when Diana steps up to the table -- You had a wild weekend, right? Ladies first, sexual enhancer for women? Oh, you got to take care of your needs. Take care of those needs! Reporter: Traci is at it again and no one defends our victims like this last group of women. You have a spray in here. You have a foot odor? Oh, I'm sorry, didn't mean to do that. A pregnancy test? That's none of your business! Reporter: First, they try to shame Traci into stopping her way too overzealous prying. Just hurry up! This is worse than the airport. Do you have something hidden in here? No. You do. Told you. Handcuffs. Unfrigging believable. Are you kidding me? For what? Excuse me, have a seat on the side please. Reporter: When Traci leaves, listen to this woman. She's here to see bethenny but she sounds more like Dr. Phil psychoanalyzing our security guard. People have issues deep rooted within themselves such as high school, taking you back. She didn't like the fact that the little blonde girl had more people on her side. Don't cry sweetie, we got you. She wouldn't like it if somebody did that to her. You have to call the lieutenant. For what? I'm serious. I have medicated douche, I have two of them. I have spray powder and I have furry handcuffs. Reporter: I want to you to tell them one thing. Thank them for being on "What would you do?" How are you? You really went with it. Let me support her because I didn't want the girl to break down and just have a fit. We're not going to let another sister go down like that. Can't do it. Sisterhood. We're all ladies, we got to have each other's backs like that. Reporter: In the end, of course, everyone got to see the show. In this case, two shows "Bethenny" and -- "What would you do?"

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{"id":24037839,"title":"'WWYD': Security Guard Gets Too Personal","duration":"6:30","description":"Our hidden cameras are rolling at the \"Bethenny\" show as a security guard takes things too far.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/wwyd-security-guard-personal-24037839","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}