What Would You Do If You Witnessed AIDS Discrimination?


But not everyone feels the way our actor, Vince, does. In fact, fellow diner Kelly Rivera not only consoles Daniel, she invites him to sit and have lunch with her and her neighbor. Later, she tells John Quinones, "I thought he was being treated really badly, and nobody should be treated like that. That's terrible. "

In another scene, we have our female actress play the role of the anxious diner to see how people will react. As she informs other diners sitting nearby that Daniel has AIDS, they seem more irritated with her.

Traci asks, "Nobody has a problem with this?"

"No one has a problem with this!" customer Rick Gimello responds.

"You should just leave," adds customer Janis Mitchell.

When we caught up with Rick Gimello later to get his thoughts, he tells Quinones, "This is 2011. You know? The world ought to be educated enough to know what's going on."

Yet, despite strong evidence that the virus cannot be spread by touch, tears, sweat or saliva, a recent survey shows that more than half of adults questioned say they'd be uncomfortable having their food prepared by someone who is HIV positive.

With that in mind, we wonder: what will happen when our HIV-positive actor is the waiter?

Watch the scenario unfold Friday, 9 p.m. ET on "What Would You Do?"

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