EXCERPT: 'The Feminine Mistake'

Although my children are growing up and I am well into my fifties, I have never felt more excited and energized about my future as an individual. My daughter is preparing to leave for college, and I will miss her tremendously, but there's so much I want to do in my own life that I feel as if my personal universe is expanding rather than contracting. When the road ahead is full of enticing opportunities and unexpected possibilities, every new day is an adventure. The only thing I regret, as a working mother who has spent the last eighteen years raising children, is all the time and energy I wasted on feeling guilty about dumb things.

And yet women continue to buy into a mythology that puts them at risk and consigns them to living what amounts to half a life, because nobody is telling them the truth about the feminine mistake. Wouldn't you rather focus on all the astonishing pleasures you can reap from making a different choice?

What I offer you in the pages that follow is the bad news and the good news. The bad news is a lot worse than you've been led to believe.

But the good news is infinitely better than you ever imagined.

Excerpted from "THE FEMININE MISTAKE" by Leslie Bennetts. Copyright 2007 Leslie Bennetts. All rights reserved. Published by Voice. Available wherever books are sold.

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