Changing the World With a Click of the Mouse

"We're especially focused on longer-format and more serious video than just a lot of the clips you might see on a Web site," Reville told ABC News Now. "It's a really easy way that both publishers can connect to an audience and viewers can have high-quality video delivered to them every day almost as if they had their TiVo set to record these channels."

Reville hopes the site can help people better navigate through the clutter of other online video systems to find their desired programming.

"You can look through our guide of all the channels that are offered [and] subscribe to them right there. It's all free content," he said. "Every day your list of channels that you have in your Miro player that you download from us will be updated automatically overnight."

Maybe one group that could use's player is NetSquared's third place winner, an organization that is trying to reduce the amount of garbage in the world's landfills through the Internet.

Founder and executive director Deron Beal told ABC News Now that "is a Web site kind of like a free eBay, where people can give things away that to them are trash which might be treasure to someone else in their local community."

Giving away stuff that you no longer need but can't sell or give to charity might not seem like a big deal but according to Beal, has kept four times the height of Mount Everest out of landfills in the past year alone.

"We have about 300 tons a day that are being kept out of landfills in over 75 countries," he said.

These three organizations were chosen out of 152 nominations at the NetSquared Innovation Awards last month in San Jose, Calif. Due to the large response and amount of social change the winners brought about, Tech Soup hopes to continue the project.

"We are absolutely going to do [the NetSquared Awards] again," Webb said.

Check out ABC News Now's "All Together Now" for the full interview.

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