In Dog We Trust: A Bounty Hunter's Tale

Luster skipped bail and Dog and his crew, mostly comprised of family members, set out again to track him. They eventually caught up with Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and captured him. Unfortunately for Dog, bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico and he was taken into custody. Dog and two of his team members were eventually charged with kidnapping. The three posted bail, but never returned to Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico demanded Dog be extradited and in Septemer 2006, Dog and his fellow bounty hunters were arrested in Hawaii to face Mexican charges of illegal detention and conspiracy in their capture of Luster. By this time, Luster had been convicted of raping and drugging three women and was already serving his 124-year sentence.

The arrest started a nationwide campaign to protect Dog from Mexican authorities. In addition to fan protests, 29 congressmen sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asking her to block the extradition of Dog to Mexico.

Dog lost his extradition battle, but not before running out the clock: He is no longer wanted by the Mexican police because the statute of limitations has run out. The Associated Press reported that prosecutors are likely to appeal, but for the time being Dog is a free man.

Bounty Hunting Is a Family Affair

With the Luster case almost behind him, Dog can return to doing the job he loves with his family. Some may feel he is putting his wife and children in harm's way, but the Chapman family sees it a little differently.

"They're not [in danger] because they wear bulletproof vests," Dog said. "To have [my family] around me all the time where I am protecting them…I'm just that kind of dad. I want to be able to scream their names and know where they are."

He also thinks he is teaching his children valuable lessons.

"We live in a world today where there is the victim, the predator, and the guy that watches over. I want them to not be a victim, especially not a predator, but one of the people that watches over," Dog said. "They're learning that from me so I feel very safe by having them around."

The Future

Dog will continue bounty hunting for the foreseeable future. He calls the career his mission.

"Who better to watch [an] alleged innocent person…than me – someone who has been there?" he asked. "Someone like me who has lived with them and knows them as he knows himself."

Although he plans to continue to take on regular bail jumpers, there is one high profile fugitive even more notorious than Luster that Dog would like to take on.

"I've got my phone ready," he said, for the president to call and ask for his help in finding Osama bin Laden. "That is the Christmas I'd like to have."

Catch "What's the Buzz" for the full interview with Duane "Dog" Chapman. For more information, tune into "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on A&E or pick up his new book "You Can Run But You Can't Hide."

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