Jerry Seinfeld Buzzes His Way to the Big Screen

Seinfeld credits DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg for letting him make this movie and record scenes in his own personal style.

"There's been a tone in animated movies that has been a little homogenous. [Katzenberg's] feeling was that we need some more clear voices, original voices in this medium, and he and I talked about it, and I said I couldn't do this unless I had complete control of the movie," Seinfeld said. "He said he was comfortable with that, and so that was the deal that we made. He was fantastic, but he helped me with everything and he never said, 'This is the way it has to be, you can't do this, you have to do that.' We never had a relationship like that."

Although the voice recording techniques were different from other films in the same genre, viewers can expect the usual adult-themed jokes in this animated film. One of which is Ray Liotta-pitched honey.

"All these celebrities have these food things they do," Seinfeld said. "I thought, 'Who would be the last guy you would expect to see in an animated movie for children -- hostile and spiting?' and then saying, 'Ray Liotta.'"

The Same Jerry

Despite entering into the movie medium with "Bee Movie," Seinfeld is still the same comedian we've laughed with over the years and who continues to point out the humorous side of everyday life.

"Here is the most embarrassing thing about the OnStar system, people let their voices go into the commercials about how they screwed up and how they can't get in their car," Seinfeld continued. "'Thank you OnStar.Thank you for letting me back into my car because I'm such a ninny. I couldn't work out the coffee and keys and which side of the glass my kid's supposed to be on when I leave the car.'"

Thankfully the star says Barry B. Benson doesn't have that signature "Seinfeld" rage.

"That's the acting challenge for me … I softened [Barry] up for the family audience. It's the New Age me, New Age Jerry, not so cranky," Seinfeld said.

Click here to read Peter Travers' Rolling Stone review of "Bee Movie."

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