Britney on the Move

By Vicki Mabrey

Jun 18, 2008 12:03pm

Ordinarily I would shy away from writing about Britney Spears — I mean, leave the girl alone, for crying out loud.  But today looks like there’s some good news:  People Magazine reports that her father is selling her hillside home in Studio City.  Why good news?  For so many reasons, none rooted in science or direct knowledge.  Pure opinion.  But here goes:  1) It’s been the scene of much happiness but also much woe in her life.  Lately, too much woe.  2)  She’s been hounded by paparazzi there.  And 3) Ed McMahon may finally be able to sell his house!  In case you haven’t read about Ed McMahon, I started this blog with him and his wife and their brush with foreclosure.  But one thing I didn’t mention is that he lives down (up?) the street from Britney, and says part of the reason he hasn’t gotten any offers on his house is because the paparazzi chasing her scare off potential buyers.  You think you’ve got problem neighbors — imagine having BS down the street.  That circus might be entertaining for a day or two.  But long term, that’d drive you right out of your mind and your ‘hood.  So now Britney is moving.  One "source" says BS has wanted a place with "privacy and wide open space" for a while… Let’s hope she gets it.  And let’s hope the circus packs its tent and moves on, too. 

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