Home/house for sale… on Ebay

By Vicki Mabrey

Jul 7, 2008 3:55pm

I love scrolling around on Ebay — I even have my favorite searches saved.  But imagine my surprise when I found houses — yes, real bricks-and-mortar houses — for sale on Ebay.   From all around the country, even around the world. 

Type in "home for sale" under the "residential" heading, and 32 homes pop up.  Under "house for sale", 18 "houses" are listed.  Wonder if a psychologist could get some field study out of the differences between those who list their living space as "house" or a "home."

Anyway, fascinating listings.  Florida leads the listings, though the one that looks like it will sell soonest is in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Right now that one has 24 bids on it, and it’s up to $311,211 (last I checked). 

Among the bargains, there’s three lots and a house in Chillicothe, MO going for $6000.  So far, no bids.  There’s also a double-wide mobile home available in Bradenton, FL for $25,500, a 2-bed, 1-bath house in Oxford, Kansas with a starting bid of $20,000 (sorry, no pictures included), and 2-story that looks like clapboard in Buffalo for $39,000.  Again, no bids. 

On the upper end of the scale, $2.5 million gets you a fairy-tale house in Hawaii, at a place called Kohala by the Sea.  Amazing ocean views, according to the pictures.  A million-six buys a horse farm in Warrenton, VA — with a 120-gallon fresh water fish tank, a 42" plasma TV, and a 2007 Hummer thrown in for good measure.  For the more adventurous, there’s a private Caribbean island and house offered for just $1.75 million.  The island is Lime Cay, and the description says it’s part of the Pearl Cays, three miles off the coast of Nicaragua.  Again, stunning house and amazing views.  But wouldn’t you be a bit lonely?   

Hankering for Europe??  How about a villa in Sutri "near Rome" offered for $1.4 million? Nice picture of the owners (I presume, unless they posed models in front of their home) perched on a car outside the house.  This one makes good reading:  apparently, the owners say they "have been out of Italy, therefore garden..needs taking care of."  And they let you know that this is really for a "high net-worth person."  Just in case the price tag didn’t spell that out for you. 

I’m waiting for a callback from Ebay P.R. to get the story on house sales through their site.  Would you try to sell your house online?  On Ebay??  I wonder if some of these are last-chance sales, trying to stave off foreclosure.  I’ve reached out to several of the sellers, which so far has only gotten me an automatically-generated warning message from Ebay saying someone must have hacked into my account and is sending unsolicited emails to sellers — without even bothering to place a bid!  Uh-oh.  Hope that doesn’t cut me off from my budding vintage wicker purse collection. 

So which house would you choose?  I confess, I have a favorite.  Tempting though an Italian villa is, and who doesn’t dream of doing a Robinson Crusoe on their own private island, but listed somewhere in the mid-range at $429,000 is a house in an historic district of Brandon, VT.  5-6 bedrooms, beautiful landscaping, handsome old house on a stately tree-shaded street.  So peaceful.  So dignified.  If I had the money I’d place a bid. 

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