Wendy Williams, Big Boobs, Jobsearching & Me!

By Tory Johnson

Aug 24, 2009 9:05am

I'm no stickpin, and I don’t need any reminders of that, thank you very much. But the point was really driven home the other day when I was forced to follow gorgeous TV star Wendy Williams at a live, on-stage radio interview in front of 300 women in New Jersey. 

That would be the blunt, LOL funny, surgically-enhanced double DD Wendy Williams, who stands 6-4 in four-inch Gucci slides and has a surgically-tucked and taut tummy — details that she offered during a hysterical, 15-minute interview with radio legend Joan Hamburg.  (Click to see a photo of us to get some idea of what I'm talking about.)  

What to do?

The answer, I decided, was NOT to schlep up there like a loser with my head hanging low. When my turn came, after Hamburg's gracious introduction about my new book Fired to Hired, I blurted out to her that she had forgotten the most important part.

Hamburg looked stunned. The audience got oh-so-quiet.

"What you forgot to say," I told Hamburg straight-faced, "is that your next guest faces the unenviable task of diving into a downer (unemployment) to a roomful of women who have been wowed by an outrageously funny gal who batted her oh-so-long eyelashes, flipped her long locks and talked non-stop about her gigantic boobs and flashy high heels."

The crowd roared.

Then, they listened — and laughed — as I talked for my 15 minutes about job searching in a dismal economy. We managed to find plenty of humor in what it takes to get hired today – and plenty of similarities between Wendy’s words and my own.

You don’t need big boobs, big hair, or big heels to get hired, but you definitely have to find ways to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from the competition.

What are you doing to get noticed in a big way — and to separate yourself from the pack?

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