Made in America: ‘We’re In!’

Thousands of you responded to our  Made in America Christmas challenge with two words: "We're in!"

You shared your Made in America stories and offered your gift suggestions.

The Wall family in Dallas found a shirt for dad at  Brooks Brothers, and the Tokarz family, also from Dallas, scoured the stores for American goods.

Businesses across the country have seen families on the hunt for American-made products and are taking notice.

Wegmans supermarkets in upstate New York put their made in America goods right at the front door.  Tervis Tumblers experienced the most web traffic in the company's history after it was mentioned on "World News" last week.

Lisa Black from Harbor, Fla., saw Tervis Tumblers on TV, and then went out and bought $64 worth of cups.

Nordic Ware, the famous Bundt pan company in Minneapolis, has seen business increase to the tune of 42 new hires since we first visited it  in April.

And since we introduced you to those boomers and their  American bathing suits in California, Tara Grinna swimwear has hired three new seamstresses.

Made in America is getting results because of you, creating, it's hoped, a Christmas full of joy and jobs too.

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