13 Shameless Brand Tie-Ins For Friday the 13th

Feeding on your fear, selling on your superstition, these retailers and purveyors of goods have items they want you to buy on Friday the 13th, and they're not worried about tiny little things like their promotions making sense.

Collected from Facebook today, enjoy some promotions so bad, you won't believe that all of them worked … like a charm.

Image credit: Facebook/Domino''s

Dominos posted this photo of some greasy garbage to their Facebook page today, writing "Hit "LIKE" if there's nothing scarier on Friday the 13th than running out of pizza." 3,000+ likes later, the fear of a pizza-less existence has been confirmed.

Image credit: Facebook/SlotSpot

SlotSpot, "The Premier Slots Destination" wrote this with its Facebook post: "If we reach our goal of 5,000 LIKES on this post today we'll award everyone another lucky gift tomorrow morning!" It's unclear what the first lucky gift was but when last we checked, 3K likes were tallied and plenty of newsfeeds had been subjected to this gorgeous image.

That wasn't the end of it though. Later in the day this black cat image popped up on SlotSpot's wall with another (the same?) contest hinging upon LIKES accrued. The holiday could be milked no further.

Image credit: Facebook/TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx framed up an inspirational quote and dangled some good luck pendants over a good-luck ceramic elephant surrounded by good-luck paper fortune tellers. Its bargain bin Facebook post garnered 2,500 LIKES.

Image credit: Facebook/KFC

We're fairly sure KFC re-purposed a St. Patrick's day image for this one, especially considering the image that the restaurant posted on Valentine's Day. Thousands of fans on Facebook didn't seem to mind, because they "liked" and "shared" heartily.

Image credit: Facebook/Insane Clown Posse

The juggalos over at the Insane Clown Posse asked their fans to "Raise your hatchets and show Juggalo love with a 'like' and 'share' for the fam!" 8,000+ hatchets were raised (or LIKE buttons clicked) at the sight of a Jason Voorhees mask with their trademark clown paint on it.

Image credit: Facebook/Dunkin Donuts

Spilled coffee is bad luck we guess, but Dunkin Donuts is still stretching it for an unlucky tie-in. Doesn't make their product look very appetizing, at that. When Dunkies shared what they called, "Our version of bad luck on Friday the 13th," the coffee spill amassed 1,300 LIKES.

Image credit: Facebook/INSTINCT

Friday the 13th, bad luck, black cats, buy cat food. That's the chain of thought over at the INSTINCT pet food Facebook page, where this photo was posted with the copy, "It's Friday the 13th … no superstitions over here! 'Like' if you agree! Meow!" 5,800 LIKES and 2,200 shares were reaped soon after.

Image credit: Facebook/Tony Lama

Everything and anything can be lucky on Friday the 13 th, as long as it is from your favorite brand. Tony Lama boots posted this to its Facebook page and wrote, "Hope you've got your LUCKY Tony Lamas on this Friday the 13th!" Remember, green boots are lucky boots.

Image credit: Facebook/Dr Pepper

Dr. Pepper donned a can with a chain right out of "Jersey Shore" and sprinkled it with green clovers. "Hold your lucky Pepper close, it's Friday the 13th!" wrote Dr. Pepper on its Facebook page. 15,000 people clicked LIKE, therefore asserting that nothing says Friday the 13 th better than a Dr. Pepper with a side of severed rabbit appendage.

Image credit: Facebook/Bettie Page Clothing

Fifties pin-up girl Bettie Page has a clothing brand in her name that dug up this purrfect black cat photo for the day. We expect to see this one on Halloween, as well. The Facebook copy was among the better write-ups today, "Happy Friday the 13th!!! So open an umbrella indoors, walk under a ladder, and cross the path of a black cat (hopefully one that looks as good as Bettie in a catsuit!)."

Image credit: Facebook/Zynga Bingo

Because bingo has a B-13, gaming behemoth Zynga decided that today was as good a day as any to give away 1,300 free in-game coins. Thousands of likes and shares came when Zynga posted this image to its Facebook page. That sort advertising can't be paid for with in-game coins. It's priceless.

Image credit: Facebook/Flirt

Dating app Flirt posted this clip-art-heavy image to its Facebook page with a watermark for dreamstime.com clearly visible. No matter, it earned a staggering 62,000 SHARES on its Facebook page accompanied by the text, "Are you the superstitious sort? Then it's just the right time to share a note of luck for all your friends and loved ones! ~ Flirt.com." To the 62,000 of you who saw this image pop up on your Facebook feed today, we hope your friends' good luck streaks have been ones for the ages.

Image credit: Gamespy.com

OK, this one is actually cool. Two black cats wearing promotional t-shirts were used to hype the video game F.E.A.R. 2. Cross their path and buy their game!

Burned out by black cats? The next Friday the 13th isn't until September 2013. Maybe that will give brands a little more time to think of something a bit more … coherent.

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