Toddler's Hilarious Reaction to the Fiscal Cliff

VIDEO: Little Boy Laughs at Fiscal Cliff

As the fiscal cliff stand-off between Congress and the White House heats up and raises the ire of millions of Americans, not many people consider the issue a laughing matter.

Nobody told that to Charlie Blanchette.

The 22-month-old toddler got a real kick out of CNBC's coverage of the possible pending financial crisis while watching the financial channel with his mom.

In a 30-second video posted by his parents to YouTube, Charlie, from the greater Boston area, can be heard giggling hysterically and seen waving his arms wildly as the on-air graphics show items like budget cuts and unemployment benefits literally falling off a cliff.

The funny episode came to be last August when his stay-at-home mom, who has an interest in stocks and investments, flipped on CNBC at the end of the day to catch the network's "Closing Bell" program.

"He looked up from his toys and saw it and stood up and was reacting to the graphics tumbling and falling off the cliff," Charlie's dad, Greg Blanchette, told today. "She quickly grabbed her iPhone and got video of it and showed me when I got home."

The Blanchettes thought the video was funny enough to post on YouTube to share with their family and friends. The video got 60 or so views, Blanchette says, until late last week when someone on CNBC's social media team spotted it and reached out.

The video now has more than 7,000 views and has been seen on CNBC and across the Web.

"Everyone thinks it's a crack-up," Blanchette said. "It was a spontaneous moment and just something funny that we captured."

Blanchette says that it's not just financial issues that get his son riled up.

"There are a couple of things, a few scenes in 'Cars' particularly, where he'll react with that same kind of hysterical laughter," he said. "He's a riot to watch."

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