Grey Poupon Brings Back Iconic TV Ad

VIDEO: Grey Poupon revises its 1981 Pardon Me TV commercial.

Grey Poupon is bringing back its famous 1981 television commercial with an updated ad that will air during the Academy Awards this Sunday.

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Kraft Foods Group, which owns Grey Poupon, said the new commercial picks up where the original commercial left off, with two men with British accents in luxury Bentley cars. In the original, one chauffeur-driven car pulls up to the other as one well-heeled man asks to borrow the other's Grey Poupon.

Nadine Rich, Grey Poupon's brand manager said the first "Pardon Me" TV spot "elevated" the brand beyond "a common condiment." Variations of the ad have aired previously, ingraining the commercial into pop culture, including a parody in the film, Wayne's World.

The new 30-second spot, called "The Chase," created by advertising agency CP+B, will air on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. EST.

It is a teaser for the full ad which is on, which will also allow users to interact with the ad and win prizes like caviar, champagne flutes and tokens made from luxury cars.

Grey Poupon takes its refined air to the next level with its Facebook page and touts its fans as members of "The Society of Good Taste."

The mustard is "the first brand to remove fans and deny access to potential fans based on the 'good taste' they display in their profile."

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