Gas Prices Spike Ahead of Memorial Day

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It's almost Memorial Day and the price of driving for the first holiday weekend of the summer just got a bit higher.

The weekly average price of a gallon of regular gas is $3.67, up 7 cents from a week earlier, according to the Department of Energy.

Minnesota is ground zero for the high prices with a record high of $4.28, a rise of 44 cents in the just the last week, according to AAA. Other Midwestern states and the Rockies also saw spikes because of refinery outages due to planned maintenance and some unplanned problems

This price rise can significantly increase the price of a summer trip. Filling up your gas tank for a drive from Minneapolis to the Grand Canyon could cost up to $200 more today than it would have a month ago.

There may be some relief on the way though. As the summer gets going, prices are expected to start coming down in June. For now though it will be a pricey holiday weekend at the pump, likely the most expensive since 2011.

While prices remain high some tips on how to save:

  • Keeping your car out of the sun can, in fact, help you save some gas, this keep the gas from evaporating out of your tank.
  • Also pump only when you need to and skip the mini fill ups because you end up wasting time gas hopping.
  • Finally skip the AC when not on the highway. This will help you get the best mileage out of your car.
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