Why Wall Street STILL Loves Tuesdays

This year, if you want to make money on Wall Street, the day of the week to do it is Tuesday.

For the 20 th Tuesday in a row, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished higher. Today, the Industrials surged 106 points to finish the session at 15,409, a new all-time high.

Since this streak started back in the middle of January, the Dow is up 1,902 points and, amazingly, 83 percent of those gains have come on Tuesdays, according to Bespoke Investment Group.

Here are some fun facts about this Super Tuesday run for your money:

  • None of the Dow 30 has finished every Tuesday of the streak higher.
  • 3M has had the most "up" Tuesdays: 18 for 20.
  • Alcoa (NYSE: AA) has had the fewest "up" Tuesdays.
  • Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) has been the best performing Dow stock during the Tuesday streak with an average gain of 1 percent on the last 20 Tuesdays.

So what's the reason for this year's string of terrific Tuesdays?

Many analysts have the stock answer of: "it's most likely a strange coincidence."

But not everyone was so flip about the "Tuesday trade." In fact, a number of veteran analysts pointed out that, over the last decade or so, Tuesday has been the best trading day of the week.

"It's called Turnaround Tuesday for a reason," Art Hogan of Lazard Capital Markets said. "Mondays and Fridays tend to be unwinding days, so it makes sense that on Tuesdays you are, in many cases, making your first investments of the week."

Dave Lutz of the Baltimore investment firm Stifel said since early January there have been billions of dollars every week flooding into stock mutual funds. In many cases, that money is coming in on Fridays or Mondays and, he said, by the time it can be put to work by the investment managers, it's probably late Monday or Tuesday. So that could be yet one more reason why we are seeing stocks trade higher on Tuesdays.

But is anyone actually putting their money where their mouth is and getting in on the "Tuesday trade?" Dan Dicker, the president of the firm MercBloc, said he has recently been buying before the close of Monday and selling just before the end of trading on Tuesday.

"It's a minuscule position, but so far I like the results," Dicker said.

Dicker is not about to plunk down his life's savings next Tuesday - and for good reason, said Yahoo Finance's Mike Santoli.

"They say as soon as you find the key to the market, someone changes the lock," Santoli said, quoting an old Wall Street adage.

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