Watch: Lottery Winner Who Can't Stop Laughing

VIDEO: Lottery Winner Cant Stop Laughing

What would you do if you won one million dollars?

If you're a recent winner of the Maryland Lottery's Powerball jackpot, you would laugh, and laugh, and laugh and laugh some more.

In a video posted this week on YouTube by Maryland Lottery officials the winner, dubbed "Lucky Laugher," can do nothing but laugh about her win while holding a $1 million check in front of her face.

The reason for the check is that the woman did not want to reveal her identity (the Maryland Lottery does not require its winners to go public). The reason for the video is that Maryland Lottery officials were so amused by the winner's hilarious reaction to her own win that they had to film her.

"When somebody wins that kind of money they have to come in and claim it and then we, in the communications department, bring them in and clap and cheer for them," Carole Everett, the lottery's director of communications, told

"She came in and immediately started laughing," Everett said of the woman, a married mother of two. "Her reaction was so much fun we just couldn't help ourselves."

The lottery winner purchased her winning ticket July 3 at a convenience store in Westminster, Md., but didn't realize she'd won the big prize until she returned home from a family vacation a few days later and remembered to check her ticket, ironically, while she was paying bills.

"I couldn't believe it, it was so exciting, but I didn't know the prize for matching five of six at first," the woman told lottery officials.

"She was laughing even while telling us the story," said Everett, who added the woman realized she was now a millionaire only after she went online to the lottery's website for more details.

The woman says she doesn't plan to quit her job in the medical field or do anything extravagant, other than purchasing a new car, setting up a college fund for her kids and going on a family vacation to Disney World.

Maryland Lottery officials, meanwhile, are still laughing themselves over the woman who brought so much joy to their office after her win.

"I've been her close to 10 years and we've seen all kinds of winners," Everett said. "Some are ready to take their photos and some are real serious about it and don't want any publicity.

"It isn't often we get somebody who's laughing uncontrollably like that," she said.

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