The Tip Fairy Spreads Joy, $200 Gratuities

VIDEO: Generous Diner Gives $200 Tips

The tooth fairy, you've heard of. But the tip fairy?

Two exist: A pair of Utah video-makers, looking to play the nicest kind of trick on three coffee shop servers in Orem, left each one a $200 tip. The pranksters then went outside and hid, to record their surprised beneficiaries' reactions through a window.

The resulting 2-minute, 25-second clip-"High On Life"- has earned more than 1.2 million views on YouTube since it was posted yesterday. It's the go-to place for anybody who may have forgotten what joy looks like.

Before leaving their tip, the pranksters banter playfully with each server, asking them what was the biggest tip they ever got or how big a tip they'd like to get right now.

"A million dollars," jokes a waitress, who then goes on to tell them they should just leave whatever they feel like.

Credit: LAHWF/Youtube

Another waitress, after she realizes it's been her lucky day, runs outside to find and hug her benefactors.

A waiter, once he's thanked the pair, asks them for a favor: "Can you tell people we make $2.13 an hour?"

None of the servers is identified by name.

Video-maker/prankster Andrew Hales takes credit on his blog, LAHWF, for this ray of sunshine, describing it as an idea he'd been wanting to do for some time. He explains that in order to avoid laughing while taping (which would be to give the game away) he first fortifies himself with "some type of stimulant"-either a Red Bull or some prescription Adderall.

ABC News tried without success to contact him.

Hales explains on his site that LAHWF stands for "Losing All Hope Was Freedom," which, he says, is "a state of mind I try to work towards-doing what you want, and not caring what other people want you to do with your life."

And him personally? "For the record," he writes, "I consider myself a very happy, stable 23-year old American boy. A very lucky one at that."

Soon to be surprised by $200. Credit: LAHWF/Youtube

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